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Careers in Property Assessment

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  What happens in an Assessment Office?

The job of the Assessor’s Office is to complete an annual assessment roll.  An assessment roll is basically a list of all property in the City.  If the property is taxable, part of the information listed will include an opinion of value for the property.  This value is important because each property in the City pays its shares of taxes for school, county, city and other services based on it.  Therefore it is very crucial that these values be fair and accurate.

  How does the Assessor's Office estimate value?

The Assessor’s Office uses up to date information from the real estate market in order to estimate values.  This information includes sales of property throughout the City, what people pay for rent for different types of property, and what it costs to build property.  This information coupled with detailed information about each specific property in the City allows assessors to predict what kinds of property will sell for.

  Who works in an Assessment Office?

The City of Milwaukee’s Assessment Office has a wide variety of jobs that are filled by people with various skills.

Most of the staff is made up of appraisers.  Appraisers are people who are skilled in estimating the value of homes, businesses, and personal property.  They have professional training and must maintain certification from the Department of Revenue to work in this capacity.  
The office also employs a wide variety of administrative personnel.  These people support the day to day operations of the office.  They have excellent computer and communication skills.  They are the backbone of the department: making sure that all work is processed properly through our office and helping out in many areas

Lastly, the office employs supervisors and administrators who plan, train, counsel, and lead the office.  These people are responsible for making sure all the work is finished timely so that other departments throughout the City are able to get their jobs done and services to City residents are maintained.

All employees in the Assessor’s Office serve the public either directly or indirectly.  Those who enjoy meeting and talking to the public and who have the ability to remain calm are needed in the Assessor’s office.  Other important qualities shared by all the staff are accuracy, good judgement, responsibility, and a sense of fairness.

All the staff, make important contributions to the work product of the office.  Appraisers do all the field work, inspecting homes and businesses to keep property records up to date.  The administrative staff process information about the real estate market from sales and market listings.  Some of the computer experts on our staff, with the help of appraisal personnel, analyze the sales and property data to enable fast, accurate, and fair values on all properties.

  Why would I want to work in an Assessor's Office?

There are many good reasons to seek employment in the Assessor’s Office.  The following are just a few:

  • Challenging work
  • Variety of duties
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Promotional and educational opportunities
  • Good working relations between all employees
  • Job security and good wages
  • Excellent benefits
  Why work in the City of Milwaukee?

Milwaukee offers:

  • A variety of restaurants
  • Major department stores
  • Unique boutiques
  • Professional sports
  • Ethnic festivals
  • Excellent parks and recreation
  • A pristine lake shore
  • An efficient and inexpensive bus system

Milwaukeeans enjoy:

  • First class musical events
  • First class theater
  • Museums 
  • Universities

Milwaukee has:

  • Architecturally significant buildings and homes
  • A friendly and diverse population
  • Ethnic neighborhoods
  • An interesting history

For all these reasons and more ... the City of Milwaukee is a great place to live and work!

For more information contact or visit:

Chief Assessor

200 E Wells St, Rm 507 City Hall

Milwaukee, WI 53202-3110

Nicole F. Larsen

Commissioner of Assessments

2024 Assessment Assistance

General Information

Web Request: Ask the Assessor

  [email protected] 

 City Hall, 200 E. Wells Street, Room 507, Milwaukee, WI 53202

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM


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