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Property Tax Exemptions

We are no longer accepting exemption requests for 2024.  We will being accepting exemption reqeusts for 2025 beginning January 2, 2025.

All properties are presumed to be taxable.  The Assessor’s Office is responsible for reviewing requests and making determinations for exemption from property taxes.

An organization’s tax-exempt status does not automatically make their property exempt from property taxes.

The Assessor’s Office is committed to:

  • Working with every property owner to resolve concerns regarding property tax exemptions.
  • Conducting thorough and objective review of exemption requests, biennial reports, and supporting documentation.
  • Making sure exemptions are authorized when they are warranted.

Commitments we need from you:

  • Communication with the Assessor’s Office by phone, email, or Ask the Assessor.
  • Provide complete documentation about the property and occupants.
  • Understand the timelines involved with the forms.
  • Contact us! We are here to answer your questions!
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How To Request Tax Exemption

Information on how to request property tax exemption status, including information on eligibility, forms, requirements, and determinations.

Exempt Owner Responsibilities

Responsibilities for owners of properties for which property tax exempt status has been granted.

Churches and Exemptions

Property tax information relevant to churches.

Exemptions - FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding property tax exemptions.

Tax Exemption Request

Tax exemption request forms. Due March 1st for the year the exemption is sought. The Form PR-230 needs to be completed one time - when the organization is initially applying for exemption. Form for Exemption of Renewable Energy System (PR-303) is also found on this page.

Biennial Exemption Report

Biennial Exemption Reports (PC-220 or PC-220A) need to be filed in even numbered years by March 31. This form is to be filled out only by currently exempt properties.

Partially Taxed Report

Unrelated Business Income Report (PC-227) needs to be filed in even year by March 15. This form is to be filled out only by exempt properties that are taxed in part.

Low Income Housing

Information for owners of low income housing property. Form PR-231 must be filed annually by March 1.

Fair Share Program

The City of Milwaukee has created the Fair Share Program in an effort to facilitate the process of local tax exempt organizations making a fair share contribution for services rendered. This program gives tax exempt institutions an opportunity to help Milwaukee tax payers by offsetting the local tax burden via a Payment in Lieu of Taxes or a PILOT agreement.

Tax Exemption Resources

Guides and information about tax exempt properties and tax exemption determinations.

Nicole F. Larsen

Commissioner of Assessments

2024 Assessment Assistance

General Information

Web Request: Ask the Assessor

  [email protected] 

 City Hall, 200 E. Wells Street, Room 507, Milwaukee, WI 53202

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM


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