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Assessor's Office Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer the City's assessment program in a manner that assures public confidence in our accuracy, productivity, and fairness. The Assessor's Office performs the following major functions to fulfill its mission:

  • Find, list, and value uniformly all taxable property in the City as required by law.
  • Comply with the legal requirements for processing assessment objections and determining eligibility for property tax exemptions.
  • Provide service and information to the public, other city departments, and public agencies.

We are dedicated to maximizing effectiveness in performing these functions. We seek to continually improve quality and excellence by:

  • Providing the necessary training to employees, enabling competent job performance and enhancing professional growth;
  • Encouraging employee self-development, motivation and participation, and recognizing contributions and performance;
  • Fostering open communication and teamwork;
  • Soliciting input and feedback from the customers we serve;
  • Focusing on continual improvement of processes and systems based on the scientific approach;
  • Providing the necessary resources to meet these goals.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a model of assessment administration with a reputation for delivering impartial, accurate, and understandable assessments that exceed statutory requirements. We will satisfy our customers with prompt, courteous and professional service. Our work environment will attract and retain quality workers; fully develop and challenge individual skills; and encourage open communication and a true team spirit. The work force will be committed, empowered, employees dedicated to a process of ever-improving, responsive, cost-effective service.

Values Statement

To reach our vision and objectives, it is important to identify, define and share organizational values that are compatible with our vision and mission. These values should create an environment which reflects the desired relationships between the organization and its customers, management and employees, and between co-workers. Inherent in our Vision and Mission are the following guiding principles:


This is how we intend to treat our customers and each other. It is the basis for the concepts of equity and uniformity. Fairness means:

  • treating others as you would be treated
  • pulling your fair share
  • being impartial


This is the idea of making a contribution to our employees, our customers and our processes. To provide effective public service we will:

  • understand and accept the department's mission
  • adopt supportive and constructive behaviors
  • dedicate ourselves to meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations
  • treat customers with respect

Honesty and Integrity

These are the foundations for building trust which is essential for cooperation and teamwork. These qualities allow our department to maximize effectiveness and aid in continually improving our services. Honesty and integrity require:

  • personal responsibility and accountability
  • allowing for mistakes and failures
  • being open, without hidden agendas


Within our organization, participation, involvement and open communication is encouraged and expected. Teamwork means:

  • cooperation not competition
  • conflict resolution not conflict
  • developing consensus
  • being flexible
  • being supportive

Human Dignity

Our employees are our most important resource. Each has a skill, a talent and a role that is integral to accomplishing our objectives. Each employee, therefore, deserves respect. Human dignity encompasses:

  • sensitivity to other points of view
  • an appreciation of diverse backgrounds
  • listening and understanding
  • patience

Quality and Excellence

We are committed to satisfying our customers and continually improving our services. Quality and excellence require:

  • knowing and valuing customer needs
  • understanding systems and processes
  • being innovative and continually seeking improvement
  • pride of workmanship

Diversity Statement

Our goal is to create an organizational culture that is aligned with the Department's Vision & Mission and responsive to the needs of the customer.

One way of accomplishing this goal is to create an environment that fosters the appreciation for the value of diversity.

The Assessor's Office has established a Diversity Team with a mission "to promote an environment within the Department that appreciates the value of diversity by identifying shared goals which are aligned with the department's values and vision."

With management's support, guidance and review, team recommendations will enable employees to reach their potential with dignity and allow them to value their unique importance to the department.


Nicole F. Larsen

Commissioner of Assessments

2024 Assessment Assistance

General Information

Web Request: Ask the Assessor

  [email protected] 

 City Hall, 200 E. Wells Street, Room 507, Milwaukee, WI 53202

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM


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