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Parking Structures

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this page is a work in progress and should be viewed strictly as informative.


Types of Parking Structures

  1. Stand Alone Structures
  2. Integral Structures




Local Examples of Different Components of Parking Garage Structures


A good example of a recessed entrance and utilization of high-quality materials that match building design
Metal awning helps distinguish parking garage entrance



Using a variety of materials to distinguish different components of a parking structure help create an attractive design
This example shows the usage of high-quality materials that allows the parking structure to fit in with its surrounding, brick-clad building context.



The parking garage shown to the left acts as a plynth to the larger Office/ Residential tower.  The design of the parking garage facade matches the overall building design.
This stand alone parking structure articulates the facade by using glass tower corners and attractive cornice designs along east and west elevations.
This parking structure acts as a plynth to the larger office tower.  The garage facade has clear base, middle and top components to its elevation making it appear like offices rather than parking.
This stand alone parking structure breaks away from the horizontal emphasis typically seen in parking structure design and instead uses vertical, masonry piers and a mix of high-quality materials.



Display windows create human scale quality.
Storefronts activate street level.
First floor occupancies give structure life at street level.
Example of display windows.


National Examples of Parking Structure Design



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