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Multi-Family Residential

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this page is a work in progress and should be viewed strictly as informative.


Street Level Uses

  1. With Residential Street Level Uses
  2. With Retail Street / Other Street Level Uses
  3. Parking Structure Concealed at Street Level


Design Elements:

Facade Composition
A distinct base, middle and top creates a well ordered facade.
Modulation of the facade relating to the unit layout and inset balcony positioning work to create a good vertical composition that relates to the urban context.
Overall massing and building forms relate to the context.
Windows are set into the surrounding masonry and metal cladding by depths of 3" or greater to avoid a flat appearance of facade.
Wall articulation and material depth is well defined.
Architectural quality metals meet other surfaces on inside corners, creating depth to the facade.
The entrance is well defined.
An overhang or cover protects the entrance.
Balconies should attempt to be incorporated or inclusive to building elements/facades, not simply attached to the exterior
High quality materials should also be used in the balcony construction.


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