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Milwaukee Streetscape Guidelines

Lighting can set the night-time rhythm Street trees can set the day-time rhythm Street furniture adds texture to the streetscape
Outdoor cafe corral - wood planters and enclosure

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Organizing a Streetscape
Functional Requirements
Streetscape Elements
Combining Streetscape Elements

Milwaukee’s Streetscape Guidelines were adopted by the Common Council on May 24, 2011.
Milwaukee’s Streetscape Guidelines are intended to simplify the process for designing and implementing streetscape projects by providing a coordinating document for use by Business Improvement Districts, community groups, urban planners, designers, and other individuals. They include a “kit of parts” of standard streetscape elements, a review of landscape design issues, an outline of the approval process, and an overview of maintenance responsibilities.
Well-designed streetscape projects add value in many different ways.
  • Well-designed streetscapes look good and enliven shopping districts and neighborhoods.
  • They provide enhanced design and engineering, which contributes toward an improved quality of life. When the quality of life improves, more residents and visitors come to the neighborhoods. This increased pedestrian traffic can result in enhanced business opportunities and economic development.
  • They add to property values and provide a catalyst to strengthen the economy.
  • They have a positive environmental effect. Trees and plantings increase storm water retention, and help mitigate the urban heat island. Trees and plantings also improve air quality by producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and particulate matter.




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