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1) RFP                                          

Dozens of Milwaukee-based property developers responded to the Homes MKE Request For Proposals. Proposals were evaluated on a 115-point scale which included: 

  • Experience, capacity and potential – ability of entity to acquire, hold, develop, sell and/or own and manage
    scattered site, tax-foreclosed properties and the experience and qualifications of key team members
    responsible for the implementation of the activities (0-45 points)
  • Financial capacity – ability to obtain financing for development and leverage additional investment (0-30
  • Contractor capacity – ability of respondent to employ sufficient contractor capacity to achieve program
    constructions timelines and goals (0-15 points)
  • Unique Elements of Development Plan - beyond the renovation of properties, any proposed unique
    strategies or partnerships that will be employed to meet Program goals. (0-20 points)
  • Pricing of Rehab Components- price provided by developer for major rehabilitation components for property renovation (0-5 points)

2) Awarding Of Developer Agreements

Following ranking of proposals, the evaluation team invited the highest ranked firm/individual(s) to participate in the Homes MKE Program.

  • Development Teams:
    • Acts Community Development
    • Advance Investors
    • CME Development, LLC
    • Ezekiel Community Development
    • Financial Freedom
    • Maures Development Group
    • MLK EDC
    • One 5 Olive/Milwaukee Community Land Trust
    • Rico Love Foundation LLC/Mayfield Properties
    • Servant Manor
    • Strong Blocks
    • T.A.S. Solutions, LLC
    • Walnut Way Conservation Corp.
    • Walters Renovations, LLC

3) Right Now

March 4, 2024: Seven houses have been fully renovated: Two properties have occupants participating in a rent-to-own program. Five properties have been sold for homeownership. Over thirty properties are under renovation.



Contact Us

 ATTN: Homes MKE, 809 N Broadway, 2nd Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53202 

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Construction Contact- Olgita David:

  P:414-286-5831; C:414.308.6623; E:[email protected]

Developer Contact- Ed Miller:

 P:414.286.3828; C:414.708.1149; E:[email protected]

Resident Contact- Jeremy Mitchell:

  P:414-286-6459; C:414.708.1182; E:[email protected]

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