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1) Why Homes MKE Matters for Milwaukee? 

Homes MKE aims to have a positive impact in the lives of Milwaukee Residents by giving careful attention to Jobs, Neighborhoods, and Familes:

  • Growing Jobs and Businesses 

    • Homes MKE property developers will receive workforce subsidies for hiring local residents.
    • Over 50% of the selected developers are "Emerging." Emerging Developers include developers who are working to build their capacity and business and are graduates of Milwaukee’s ACRE program and/or are at an economic disadvantage within the development community due to lack of business capital, credit or borrowing opportunities.
  • Helping Neighborhoods to Flourish

  • Families Realizing Their Dreams 

    • Knowing that having a safe, stable place to call home is important for families, the City has established a goal of 70% of the properties in the Homes MKE Program be developed for home ownership (owner occupancy).

2) Who Is Eligible To Buy The Newly Renovated Homes?

Developers are using a number of creative approaches to support homeownership for Milwaukee families ranging from lease to own programs to community land trusts, as well as traditional home purchase.

3) When Will The Newly Renovated Homes Be Ready For Residents To Purchase?

The first property renovation broke ground in April 2023. There are homes currently available with more coming onto the market monthly.

4) What Can I Do Right Now?

There are things you can do now to be prepared when Homes MKE houses are ready for sale:

  • Home buyers will be required to receive 8 hours of home buying counseling from one of the City’s non-profit home buying counseling agencies below. You can begin that process by contacting an agency here:
  • You may also text "Help Me With Homes MKE" to (414)708-1182 to start a conversation today.

5) I'm Already a Homeowner in Milwaukee And Need Home Repairs.

You're a homeowner in Milwaukee and need work done on your home now?

  • The Department of City Development (DCD) has resources to help homeowners complete important repairs on their home. We encourage you to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with DCD Community Outreach Liaison Jeremy Mitchell. He can speak with you about programs that may be able to help.
    • You may also text "Help with Home Repairs" to (414)708-1182 for more information.

6) I'm Not a Homeowner in Milwaukee But Will Be Ready to Buy Before Homes MKE Construction is Complete.

Are you ready to be a homeowner in Milwaukee?



Contact Us

 ATTN: Homes MKE, 809 N Broadway, 2nd Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53202 

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Construction Contact- Olgita David:

  P:414-286-5831; C:414.308.6623; E:[email protected]

Developer Contact- Ed Miller:

 P:414.286.3828; C:414.708.1149; E:[email protected]

Resident Contact- Jeremy Mitchell:

  P:414-286-6459; C:414.708.1182; E:[email protected]

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