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Map Milwaukee - Technical Difficulties

August 14, 2019 - 10:05 am - Map Milwaukee Portal technical difficulties have been resolved. Please email any questions or concerns to,

GIS Web Services 

GIS Web Services

The city's GIS Web Services, and all spatial data available to the public, is available at

GIS Web Services

NEW Map Milwaukee viewers 

NEW Map Milwaukee viewers

NEW Map Milwaukee applications now have an additional viewer (HTML5) that can be used by any mobile device and just about any web browser, except Safari. NO plug-in required.

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Map Applications 

Map Applications

Access the map applications page to view descriptions of our various map applications and utilize the new viewers.

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Map Milwaukee Portal

Map Applications

Map Milwaukee offers a suite of applications, with targeted data and functionality.  Follow the above link for details about and access to Map Milwaukee Applications.  Follow the links listed below for direct access to the applications. 

NOTICE - Silverlight applications have been taken down; now the newer HTML5 viewers will be the only applications available.

NOTE:  Currently, MCLIO aerials are unavailable, but a DNR imagery basemap is available for the interim.

HTML5 Viewer
Silverlight Viewer - viewers have been removed
  • Property Information
  • Strong Neighborhoods Plan
  • Zoning
  • Census 2010
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Land Management Districts

GIS Web Services 

GIS web services are the City of Milwaukee's library of maps and GIS tools.  The GIS web services consumed by our new applications are also available for direct use via  Check out the following links for detailed documentation.



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Help & Documentation

Resources to help you use Map Milwaukee applications, services, and data.


Download Map Data

Download frequently requested City of Milwaukee Esri shapefiles and Microstation design files.


Download Tabular Data

Download City of Milwaukee datasets including MPROP, legal descriptions, SIC codes, and tax data.

City of Milwaukee  

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How To

PDF Tip Sheets for Map Applications

Data Documentation

PDF documents with detailed data definitions, descriptions, and guidance.