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Connecting the Corridor - A Near North Side Strategic Action Plan

Pictures from Community Activities in the Corridor

What is Connecting the Corridor?

The Department of City Development is amending the Near North Side Comprehensive Area Plan with a Strategic Action Plan called Connecting the Corridor. Strategic Action Plans are a method of updating a portion of an existing area comprehensive plan to advance implementation of plan recommendations.


Since the Near North Plan’s adoption in 2009, there have been an increasing number of projects and proposals in the planning area that have aligned with the goals of the Green Crescent, a catalytic concept recommended in the Near North Plan. The “Green Crescent” concept recommends a series of public amenities, transportation corridors, trails, and stormwater management projects to tie together neighborhoods within the Near North Plan Area.

While much progress is ongoing on these various projects and proposals, there is a need to unify all of these efforts into a single plan document with the vision of improving the quality of life for local residents and businesses through improvement of the public realm. The planning process will help formalize priorities, identify responsible parties, and set next steps. The amendment will also assist in in efforts to secure funding for implementation by providing documented public outreach and city support through a Common Council-approved comprehensive plan amendment.

The Connecting the Corridor amendment focuses around the 30th Street Corridor, and the projects will fall into one or more the following themes:

  • Parks & Public Space
  • Mobility and Streets
  • Off-street Trails
  • Stormwater Management

The planning process is being conducted as a joint effort between the Department of City Development and Department of Public Works with supporting partnerships. Connecting the Corridor recommendations will complement the 30th Street Corridor Economic Development Master Plan and other city initiatives and plans.

Click on the image below for a map of the planning area:
Image link to Connecting the Corridor Boundary Map






Project Timeline

  • April 2019: Plan Kickoff
  • May-October 2019: Public Meetings and Community Outreach
  • Early 2020: Release Plan Draft for Public Input
  • Spring 2020: Plan Adoption

Past Public Meetings

Wednesday, April 24th - Connecting the Corridor Kickoff Open House

  • Summary: Introduction to Connecting the Corridor, Mobility & Streets Discussion, and an introduction to Traffic Safety Improvement Projects for N. 35th Street and N. 27th Street
  • Meeting Materials: Meeting PresentationMeeting Display Boards

Saturday, May 11th - Community Walk Along 35th Street

  • Summary: Walk and discussion about a Traffic Safety Improvement Project for N. 35th St.
  • Hosted by: Dept. of Public Works and Milwaukee Safe and Healthy Streets

Saturday, June 22nd - Promise Zone Bike Ride

  • Summary: DCD and DPW will join the Promise Zone bike ride and discuss potential trail projects to include in the Connecting the Corridor plan
  • A follow up dinner discussion was held for participants on July 15th.

Wednesday, August 7th - Community Walk and Resource Fair on N. 27th Street with Alderman Ashanti Hamilton

  • Summary: Community Resource Fair followed by a walk and discussion about traffic safety improvements along N. 27th St. The 1.25 miles walk was along 27th Street between W. Atkinson Ave. and W. Melvina Street.
  • Hosted by: Dept. of Public Works, Milwaukee Safe and Healthy Streets, and Dept. of City Development and partners

Thursday, October 10th - 30th Street Corridor Business Forum

  • Summary: After a brief presentation, attendees provided input for all Connecting the Corridor themes & spoke with representatives regarding business resources and projects in the area. Departments and partners participating included the 30th Street Industrial Corridor, Dept. of City Development, Dept. of Public Works, Environmental Collaboration Office, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District, the Commercial Corridors Team, The Corridor BID, and Northwest Side CDC.
  • Hosted by: The 30th Street Industial Corridor
  • Meeting Materials: Meeting Presentation

Wednesday, October 16th - Parks, Public Spaces and Stormwater Management Open House

  • Summary: Open House with the following input and informational stations: Introduction to Connecting the Corridor; 29th and Melvina Park redevelopment; Community green space near N. 35th St. and Congress; Green Tech Station; and stormwater management with MMSD, DPW, ReFlo, and Clean Wisconsin


Connecting the Corridor Comment Form

We welcome input on the plan at any point in the planning process. Please type your questions or comments in the box below or email

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