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Work for Water

Here you can easily find and apply for jobs with the City of Milwaukee, explore schools, colleges, and training programs for careers in water and wastewater; find links to Milwaukee public works contracting opportunities, and local and national training and job openings.

The City of Milwaukee is now accepting online applications for the following position (select the job title for more information and to apply):

These maintenance positions are within the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) treatment plants and pumping stations; these are first shift positions. MWW offers work assignments and training opportunities to encourage promotion through this job series.

The Water Plant Machine Repairperson provides journey level machining expertise and acts as lead worker for the preventive maintenance, repair, removal and installation of all mechanical equipment in the MWW facilities. This is the final phase in the promotional series for the Water Plants machine repair personnel.

The Water Plant Machinery Mechanic independently performs system-wide installation, preventive maintenance and repair duties on medium-duty water system equipment, under the general direction of the Water Plant Maintenance Manager and Water Plant Maintenance Supervisor. The Water Plant Machinery Mechanic assists skilled trades personnel in performing complex and/or heavy-duty assignments. This is the second phase in the promotional series for Water Plants machine repair personnel.

The Water Plant Facility Mechanic Performs minor maintenance repairs to all MWW system equipment and assists skilled trades personnel as needed. This entry-level position is the first in the three-step promotional series for Water Plants machine repair personnel.

Earn your living with the Milwaukee Water Works

chart showing types of jobs most likely to be vacant  within the next five years


As part of Milwaukee Water Work’s commitment to serve our community, we are publicizing future employment opportunities. This graph shows the 13 water utility job titles that are projected to have the most employment opportunities over the next five years, and the number of forecasted openings for each job title over that time period.

City of Milwaukee Jobs including the Milwaukee Water Works
Sign up for "Job Interest Cards" at the City of Milwaukee online Employment Center links. You will be notified when a job in that class, or category, of jobs opens for hiring. At the top tabs, select "New User Registration."

Training for a Career in Water

Follow this link to learn about degree programs in water and wastewater

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We connect job seekers to job opportunities, provide education and training options in high-growth, high-demand sectors, and provide a skilled and sustainable workforce to attract, retain and grow diverse businesses in our Milwaukee 7 region.

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Work for Water

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