Lead Service Line Records

Search our records to see if a property has a lead service line. If it does, it will be listed here.

Our records list properties in Milwaukee with Lead Services Lines (LSLs) whether the property includes the utility-owned section from the main to the curb stop, the privately-owned section from the curb stop to the meter, or both. There are 164,000 water service lines in Milwaukee; at this time, approximately 67,000 are made of lead. 

We update our database as we replace LSLs and when our meter technicians identify a LSL while replacing a water meter. If your property is listed here but you replaced your section of lead service line with copper, please call Customer Service at (414) 286-2830 or email watwebcs@milwaukee.gov and we will update our records.

Milwaukee Water Works maintains records showing the material of the utility-owned section of the service line. In most cases, the material used on the private section is the same as the utility-owned section. The City does not require registration of the type of material used for privately-owned sections. A property owner may have replaced their section with copper but did not call to update our records. 

Water Service Line Diagram

If an address has a meter installed and an active billing account and it is not listed here, the city-owned section of service line is made of copper. 

The properties listed include those with a meter installed and an active billing account, as well as properties that may be vacant, have the water turned off, or may not have a meter.  
If your property is a corner lot, please contact Customer Service to verify the street address, account number and the service line material.

The house number range reflects the unit addresses at the property indicated. For example, a duplex is addressed as 1325-27 (the lower unit as 1325 and the upper unit as 1327).

The A in the range means there is an additional unit address at the property, such as a duplex 1325 and 1325A with “A” being the upper flat. The addresses are sometimes reported as ranges based on historical plats and may or may not indicate the number of units on a particular parcel. One row on the spreadsheet indicates one lead service line.

To quickly find an address, use a keyboard shortcut by holding Ctrl + F, then enter the property address numbers and press the Enter key.  

Master List of all properties with a lead service line  (A compilation of the four lists above.)

Milwaukee Health Department 
Lead Information Hotline

(414) 286-2165 

A Sept 2017 EPA report quantified and compared contributions of lead from air, soil/dust, water and food to children's blood lead levels.

Children living in older homes with lead-based paint hazards by far have the most exposure to lead. For 1- to 6- year olds in the top 90-100 percentile, more than 70% of the lead in their blood was from soil and dust. The contribution from food was 20% and drinking water was 10%. For infants, soil and dust contribute to 50% of the lead in blood, while 40% was from water and 10% from food. The EPA is now evaluating approaches to setting a health-based benchmark for lead in drinking water. 

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