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Records Transfer List Instructions


Download the new Transfer List form

The Records Transfer List Form is required any time records are being transmitted to the City Records Center for purposes indicated on the Records Retention Schedule. Each Department’s Records Coordinator should review the Transfer List for accuracy and completeness prior to transfer. The transfer list may be brought with the records or emailed to City Records, but it must be received no later than receipt of the records themselves.

All records to be sent down for storage in City Records must have an associated, non-expired records retention schedule. If your office has records that do not appear to belong to any schedule, please contact City Records staff for assistance and/or scheduling help. Where possible, please send records down in official CRC boxes with completed box labels.

Department: Enter the name of your major City Department.
Division: Enter the name of your division, section, office, and/or unit.
Name and Title: Enter your name, or the name of the department contact person for questions.
Ext.: Enter your 4-digit extension if on the city network, or 10-digit contact phone number if it does not have a 286- prefix.
Email: Enter your 6-character email (e.g. [email protected]).
Dept. No. Enter either the Alphanumeric code for the department, or the 3 digit code for your division (these can be found in the Departments Tab of this document).
Date Prepared: Enter the date on which you are sending the boxes in format YYYY-MM-DD. This formatting is critical for us to be able to identify specific transfers in the system.
BOX/FOLDER INFO            
CI: DO NOT USE.To be filled out by CRC staff on receipt.
Code: DO NOT USE. Barcode number we will use to ID/retrieve boxes.
Box No.: Box Numbering for your departmental internal use. If including folders on this transfer, please only enter a box number in the row of the first folder in that box.
Series No.: Enter the 6-digit record series number for the records in the box. Series numbers will always be in the format YY-NNNN. Please only include one records series per box if possible.
Start/End Dates: Enter the date range of the records in the box. Please provide dates in MM/DD/YYYY format if known, otherwise the 4-digit year will be fine.
Description/Range: Briefly describe the specific records in the box. If records are in a defined range (Apple-Charlie, 000001-000035, etc.) please enter that range in this field.
  For subject files, correspondence files, and other related series, you can optionally list folder headings in this field. Folders will be added to the records management system as items contained within the first box number in an earlier row unless otherwise specified.

When you have completed the Transfer List, email or call the Records Center at 286-3393 to make arrangements for the pickup or delivery of records.

We advise retaining a copy of the Records Transfer List for your reference files. Lists received since 1999 are also being scanned into E-Vault; please contact Brad Houston or Jack Gaboury for access.

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