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Records Transfer List Instructions

New: Effective August 1 2020, City Records will be using a new, spreadsheet-based transfer form (available here) to facilitate standardization of box and folder data and entry into our new Records Management System. Records Coordinators are encouraged to submit transfer sheets electronically, and will be required to do so by no later than December 1, 2020. Information about completing the old transfer form will be maintained here until then to aid in the transition.

Download the new Transfer List form

Download the Transfer List template (old)

The Records Transfer List Form is required any time records are being transmitted to the City Records Center for purposes indicated on the Records Retention Schedule. Each Department’s Records Coordinator should review the Transfer List for accuracy and completeness prior to transfer. The transfer list may be brought with the records or emailed to City Records, but it must be received no later than receipt of the records themselves.

All records to be sent down for storage in City Records must have an associated, non-expired records retention schedule. If your office has records that do not appear to belong to any schedule, please contact City Records staff for assistance and/or scheduling help. Where possible, please send records down in official CRC boxes with completed box labels.

Listed on the Transfer List are:

  • Date of Transmittal: (Date records are sent to the records center. This is critical information for identifying records for retrieval later.)
  • Page: (List “One of one pages” if only one sheet of records are being sent. If you are sending more records than what can be listed on a single form, list page numbers on each sheet in the following manner: p. 1 of 12 thru p. 12 of 12. )
  • Department: (List the name of your department)
  • Division: (List the name of your division)
  • Name and Title: (Person directly responsible for transmitting records)
  • Ext: (Phone number of contact person. You may also include email address in this box or in Name/Title.)
  • Box Number: (The department must number every box and indicate corresponding box numbers on the Transfer List Form. Internal numbers will be assigned on receipt, but these numbers are useful for referring to a box for retrieval.)
  • Schedule Number: (This number is found on the department’s Record Retention Schedule Listing. Employees should consult with their departmental records coordinator to identify the appropriate Record Retention Schedule Number to use.)
  • Start/End Dates: (This is the beginning and ending date of records in the box, for example, 9/11/2001 thru 11/11/2001. This is critical information to ensure that the records are kept/destroyed in accordance with their schedule.)
  • Record Title and Range: (“Record Title” is the same title as the one listed with the record schedule number from your department’s record schedule listing. “Range” is the record organization within the box by alpha, numeric, chronological or other order used by your department. For example: “A” thru “L” or Account 04-0013 thru 04-0100. If you are sending files for which you will need quick, folder-level access, such as subject files, include the folder listing on an attached inventory.)
  • RECORD CENTER USE: (This area is not to be filled out by the department. Leave this section blank.

When you have completed the Transfer List, email or call the Records Center at 286-3393 to make arrangements for the pickup or delivery of records.

We advise retaining a copy of the Records Transfer List for your reference files. Lists received since 1999 are also being scanned into E-Vault; please contact Brad Houston or Jack Gaboury for access.

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