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Freestanding Signs

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this page is a work in progress and should be viewed strictly as informative.


Freestanding Signs

Type A Freestanding Signs
A type A freestanding sign is characterized by a continuous sign base that extends from grade to the display area and is at least 75% as wide as the display area of the sign. Only individual letters or symbols may be internally illuminated. This type of sign includes, but is not limited to: letters or symbols cut from an opaque panel such as metal; pin-set letters where individual letters may be back-lit, carved entablature-type signs and other general individual-letter, non-illuminated signs. Signs of this type are commonly referred to as “monument signs".
Type B Freestanding Signs
A type B freestanding sign is one with a display area that has a background that is designed as an integral part of the sign. This type of sign is typically a plastic-panel-faced box sign. Other types of freestanding signs which do not have the characteristics of a type A sign are included in this category. This type may be mounted on one or multiple poles, or may have a monument-type base.



The freestanding monument type sign is designed to be integral with the fences, piers and landscaping.
The freestanding monument sign is designed to coordinate with the character and details of the historic type building.
The freestanding monument sign is low and unobtrusive to the overall site plan and landscape.


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