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What's Happening Across the Country

Learn about what other cities are doing to provide housing and direct resources in their communities.  

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Artist Transforms Abandoned Buildings on Chicago's South Side into Cultural Gems

Gates, “a potter by training and social activist by calling,” transforms abandoned buildings in one of Chicago’s grittiest neighborhoods into social meeting grounds.

Huntsville Launches Neighborhood Resource Center Pilot Program

The City of Huntsville is piloting a neighborhood program to provide enhanced community policing and city support. The Neighborhood Resource Center will be housed in a residence staffed by Huntsville police who will help to build resources around a neighborhood so that residents may be the champions of their cause.

This Neighborhood Is Transforming By Letting Artists Buy Its Vacant Homes For Cheap

In the Garfield Park neighborhood of Indianapolis, a plan is helping artists fix up and settle in abandoned houses, and then making sure they can afford to stay once things start improving.

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