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Bicycle Facilities

Updated Bicycle Parking Ordinance

The City of Milwaukee has just recently updated Bicycle Space Parking Requirements in the Milwaukee Zoning Code.  The ordinance was effective July 28, 2017. 

     Approved Bicycle Parking Ordinance, effective July 28, 2017

The PDF found at this link represents the contents of the ordinance, however has been re-formatted and some non-related bicycle items removed to allow for easier viewing and reading. 

    Presentation on Bicycle Parking Ordinance Update

What this bicycle ordinance does not effect: Bike lanes, routes or other circulation issues relating to bicycling; bicycle parking in public parks or special events bicycle parking.

Contents of Bicycle Parking Ordinance


Application of Provisions

When Required: (found at 295-404-1b)

1.  Construction of a new building.
2.  Construction of an addition to an existing building.
3.  Substantial improvement of an existing building.
4.  A change in the use classification of an occupancy of any portion of an existing building, as evidenced by an application for a certificate of occupancy.
5.  Reconstruction or reconfiguration of an existing parking lot that serves a use for which short-term bicycle parking spaces are required. Long-term bicycle parking space requirements shall not be applicable.

Submittal Requirements Responsibilities  (found at 200-26 and 295-907-2)

Minimum Number of Spaces Required

Number of Spaces by Use  (found in TABLE 295-404-1)

Calculation of Number of Bicycle Spaces Required  (found at 295-404-1-d)

Adjustment to Number Required and Minimums / Maximums  (found at 295-403-3)

Type and Placement of Bicycle Parking

Long Term Bicycle Parking and Short Term Bicycle Parking: (found in definitions, at 295-201-58, 58.5) 

LONG TERM BICYCLE PARKING SPACE means an area set aside, designated and of sufficient size for the parking of one bicycle by an employee, resident, student, commuter or other person expected to park his or her bicycle for approximately 3 hours or more.

SHORT TERM BICYCLE PARKING SPACE means an area set aside, designated and of sufficient size for the parking of one bicycle by a customer, patron, client, visitor, messenger or other person expected to park his or her bicycle for less than approximately 3 hours.

Placement  (found at 295-404-2a, 2b)

Standards of Design, Bicycle Parking Spaces

General Standards for Space and Racks  (found at 295-404-4-a,b)

Outdoor Bicycle Parking Positioning  (found at 295-404-5)

Indoor Bicycle Parking Options and Standards  (found at 295-404-6)


The ordinance was appoved by the full Common Council on July 11, 2017.  A Certified Ordinance was officially published on July 27, 2017.  See legislative history for Common Council File No. 170182 for complete information.



Bicycle Planing

The City of Milwaukee approved a comprehensive bicycle plan in 2010.
This document includes information on facility design.

  Milwaukee By Bike



Examples of Short Term, Outdoor Bicycle Parking Facilities

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is a work in progress and should be viewed strictly as informative.

On-Site Racks

Goodwill on Oakland Avenue provides Short Term bicycle parking on site, as well as in the public right-of-way on the sidewalk in front of the store.

Racks on the Public Sidewalk

Purple Door Ice Cream on South 2nd Street provides Short Term bicycle parking at racks in the public right of way on the sidewalk
Collectivo in Bayview provides an alternative bicycle parking method for customers.

Corrals in the Street

Downer Avenue, in front of Cafe Hollander, provides in-street bicycle parking facilities.
Alterra, now Collectivo, on Prospect provides bike parking in front of its main entrance in the street. 


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