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2020 Water Main Replacement Projects  

To improve the reliability of our distribution system, we replace water mains based on an index we developed that ranks the condition of each segment of main and its likelihood of failure. In some cases, water main projects are moved up the list so they are completed prior to a street paving project or major development.

We are replacing 20 miles of main in 2020. One mile may not seem like a very long distance, but each mile represents about 12 separate projects with their own contracts.

Milwaukee Water Works capital projects are funded in part by the Wisconsin Safe Drinking Water Loan Program and administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  

A main replacement is usually completed in 6-12 weeks during the construction season, April-December, weather permitting. Track the progress of a project in any street in the chart below. 

Water main replacement projects will affect 300 properties with lead service lines in 2020 and will require the replacement of the lead service line with copper. The service line connects the main to the meter. We will notify customers if a main replacement requires replacing their lead service line.  Search our records to see if your service line is made of lead.shovel and construction cone image

What to expect/Qué se puede esperar
Parking during construction Estacionamiento durante la construccion

Terms used to describe the status of a main replacement project 

2020 City of Milwaukee Project Location

Ald. District

Start Date


N 11TH ST - W BIRCH AVE to W SILVER SPRING DR 1 5/6/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
N 60TH ST - W CAPITOL DR to W HAMPTON AV 2 3/24/2020 Work Completed
W MARION ST - N 60TH ST to N 66TH ST 2 5/12/2020 Installing Water Main
E BELLEVIEW PL - N DOWNER AV to N LAKE DR 3 5/19/2020 Installing Water Main
N SUMMIT AV - E BELLEVIEW PL to N DOWNER AV 3 5/26/2020 Scheduled to start
N 82ND ST - W MARION ST to 300' N/O W MARION ST 5 3/30/2020 Final Restoration
N 97TH PL - W NASH ST to W METCALF PL 5 3/27/2020 Pavement Restoration
N 97TH ST - W NASH ST to W METCALF PL 5 4/2/2020 Pavement Restoration
N 108TH ST - W JEFFREY LN to W VILLARD AV  5 3/30/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
N 110TH ST - W HAMPTON AV to W CAMERON AV   5 3/16/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
W JEFFREY CT - N 110TH ST to 250' W/O N 110TH ST 5 4/20/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
W JEFFREY LN - N 108TH ST to N 110TH ST 5 4/13/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
W MARION ST - N 80TH ST to N 82ND ST 5 3/30/2020 Final Restoration
W NASH ST - N 96TH ST to N 100TH ST 5 3/16/2020 Pavement Restoration
W STARK ST - N 107TH ST to N 110TH ST 5 3/20/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
N TEUTONIA AV - W GROELING AV to W CAPITOL DR   6 3/17/2020 Work Completed
N 30TH ST - W MELVINA PL to W CAPITOL DR 7 3/16/2020 Final Restoration
N 47TH ST - W CAPITOL DR to W FIEBRANTZ AV 7 4/9/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
N 49TH ST - W CAPITOL DR to W FIEBRANTZ AV 7 4/15/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
W CAPITOL DR (S/S) - N 29TH ST to N 30TH ST 7 3/23/2020 Final Restoration
W MELVINA PL - N 30TH ST to N HOPKINS ST 7 3/23/2020 Final Restoration
W CARPENTER AVE - S 26TH ST to S 27TH ST 13 5/11/2020 Pavement Restoration
east W BECHER ST - 200' E/O S 1ST ST to KINNICKINNIC RIVER 14 5/1/2020 Work Completed
N 16TH ST - W HADLEY ST to W LOCUST ST 15 4/13/2020 Wet Connection & Connect Services
N 38TH ST - W NORTH ST to W WRIGHT ST 15 3/30/2020 Final Restoration


Suburban Retail Customer Projects


Start Date


S 108TH ST - W LAYTON AV GF 3/25/2020 Work Completed
E BOTTSFORD AV - S PENNSYLVANIA AV to 300' E/O S ILLINOIS AV SF 3/27/2020 Final Restoration
S NEW YORK AV - E BOTTSFORD AV to E VAN NORMAN AV SF 4/3/2020 Final Restoration


 Finishing up backfilling the excavation

Water Main Replacement

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