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MCNPAC Role Modeling Action Guide

Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity


Childhood obesity is a rising epidemic in our country. In order to stop this epidemic, we need to promote the health and wellness of all individuals through such things as obesity prevention. One form of obesity prevention that can have a tremendous impact is role modeling. Role modeling consists of parents, caregivers, and youth modeling healthy behaviors related to such things as physical activity and nutrition for children and other youth.

Our goal is to provide a resource for members of the community to use to promote role modeling of healthy and active lifestyles. This guide combines many available curriculums, tools, and educational materials for individuals and agencies to use to promote role modeling. Any tools within this guide are for your use and may be altered. Any material that is credited as belonging to another organization or agency may not be altered.

Full Role Modeling Guide

Click on the links below to open the corresponding files.

Role Modeling Guide - Individual Sections

Click on the section names below to open individual sections of the Role-Modeling Guide. 

  • Role Modeling: The Basics - An overview of role modeling, complete with an assessment tool to evaluate your current role modeling behaviors.

  • Literature Review - A review of evidenced based research concerning role modeling, and why it is an effective means of promoting physical activity and nutrition. 

  • Parent and Caregiver Role Modeling - This section is aimed at the parent and caregiver aspect of role modeling.  It contains ready-to-use curriculum modules, tools, and educational materials that can be used to facilitate healthy and active lifestyles.  Click here for the accompanying "ABCs of Role Modeling" PowerPoint presentation.

  • Peer Role Modeling - This section is aimed at the peer aspect of role modeling, and includes curriculums, tools, and other educational materials.   

  • Display and Printed Materials - Links to various printable materials concerning role modeling and the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles are provided.

  • Community Resources - A guide to resources throughout the greater Milwaukee area that promote role modeling and its impact on physical activity and nutrition. 

  • Environmental Change Action Planning - A call to action to draw attention to the childhood obesity epidemic and to role modeling as a means of prevention for childhood obesity. Describes policies agencies can enact to develop healthy environments that support role modeling.

  • Guide Evaluation - Contains a feedback form and evaluation tools to help identify areas of success and improvement for the Role Modeling Action Guide.


 Developed by the Milwaukee County Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition in conjunction with the 2009 Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute Community Teams Program. 

This guide has been made possible with the help and resources of the Milwaukee County Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition.  Special thanks to the members of the MCNPAC Community Teams Project:

  • Yvonne Greer, MPH, RD, CD- City of Milwaukee Health Department

  • Julia Keyes-Milwaukee Area Health Education Center, Community Health Internship Program

  • Jodi Klement, RD, CD, CLE- Wisconsin Division of Public Health

  • David Nelson- Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Heather Ryan, BS - Growing Power

  • Tami Schlickman- Impact Strategies, Inc.

  • Michelle Smith-Beckley, RD, CD- Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

  • Judy Springer- Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • Lisa Stark, MPH, MS, RD, CD, - Mt. Mary College

  • Barbara Marr- Dietetic Intern, Mt. Mary College

  • Tammy Licari- Dietetic Intern, Mt. Mary College 

  • Ashley Snook- Dietetic Intern, Mt. Mary College
  • Jessica Kowalewski- Dietetic Intern, Mt. Mary College 

Thank you to the following organizations, agencies, and individuals that gave permission for their materials to be showcased in the Role Modeling Action Guide: 

  • American Council on Exercise: Fit Facts

  • American Dietetics Association

  • City of Milwaukee Health Department

  • Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute

  • Judy Springer, Ph.D.

  • Leadership for Healthy Communities, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • Wisconsin Nutrition Education Network

  • Wisconsin Team Nutrition

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