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Immunization Requirements for Parents

Immunizations are required under state law for children attending school or child care.  The requirements can be found in Chapter DHS 144 (Immunization of Students), and Wisconsin State Statute, Chapter 252 (Communicable Diseases)


For childcare, the number of doses and the vaccines required depend upon your child’s age and can be found in the table below.


 Total Doses (shots) required by Age

Vaccine Type

5-15 months 16-23 months 2-4 years At Kindergarten Entrance



3 4 4


2 2 3 4
MMR   1 1 2
Hepatitis B 2 2 3 3
Hib 2 3 3  N/A
Pneumo (PCV) 2 3 3  N/A
Varicella     1 2


For school, the requirements are based on your child's grade in school and can be found in the table below.


Doses (shots) required by Grade

Vaccine Type

K4 K5-5th Grade 6th-12th Grade



4 4


3 4 4
MMR 1 2 2
Hepatitis B 3 3 3
Tdap     1
Varicella 1 2 2

Parents' Responsibility

Parents are responsible for providing the school or child care facility with an up to date copy of their child’s immunization record.  Immunization records can be obtained from your medical provider or from the City of Milwaukee Health Department by calling 286-8034.

Medical waivers are available for those children who are not medically able to be vaccinated.  A note from your child’s health care provider is sufficient.

Failure to meet Wisconsin’s immunization requirements is AGAINST THE LAW.  If you fail to comply with the law, you may be fined up to $25 per day, and your child may be excluded from child care or school.  If an outbreak occurs and your child is not properly immunized, he or she will be excluded from the child care facility or school until the outbreak subsides.  During serious outbreaks, this can mean that your child may be excluded for months, and your child may not be allowed to transfer to another school or child care facility. 

All school and childcare required shots can be obtained free of cost from the City of Milwaukee Health Department, see our clinic services page for times and locations.

For a printable brochure detailing the information above, click here.  (Español)

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