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About Us - Milwaukee Public Health Lab

Mission Statement

"To assist the Department in guarding the public health by providing quality laboratory services for monitoring acute and chronic diseases and the environment through assessment, surveillance, epidemiology and dissemination of information."

Vision Statement

"To continue to provide quality service, to both internal and external customers of our public health laboratory in response to dynamic epidemiological variables and to be responsive to the changing demands of the health community."

Laboratory Description

  • 23 Employees

  • 18 Laboratory Scientists / Technologists

  • 2 Laboratory Sections: 1) Clinical & Environmental Microbiology and 2) Chemistry, Virology and Molecular Science.

What is a Public Health Laboratory?

Have you ever wondered what your public health laboratory does to protect your community?  Check out this "What is a public health laboratory?" video produced by the Association of Public Health Laboratories.

For more information on public health laboratories in Wisconsin, click here.

The Eleven Core Functions of Public Health Laboratories

(From the Association of Public Health Laboratories)  

The national public health laboratory system is tasked with accomplishing the following core functions as part of its organizational capacity: 

  • Disease Prevention, Control and Surveillance

  • Integrated Data Management

  • Reference and Specialized Testing

  • Environmental Health and Protection

  • Food Safety

  • Laboratory Improvement and Regulation

  • Policy Development

  • Emergency Response

  • Public Health Related Research

  • Training and Education

  • Partnerships and Communication