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DTaP Supplemental Information

DTaP is a vaccine that protects against the diseases of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. To be most effective, five doses are usually needed.

Serious reactions from DTaP have been rare. However, temporary arm or leg swelling sometimes happens. Moderate or severe swelling can occur with the 4th or 5th dose. With the 5th dose of DTaP:

  • Less than 1 out of 7 children might have temporary moderate swelling the size of a golf ball or ping pong ball.

  • Less than 1 out of 20 children might have temporary severe swelling of the entire arm or leg.

There is even less chance of these problems with the 4th dose.

The 4th and 5th doses are needed for best protection against these severe diseases.

If your child has swelling the size of a golf ball or larger 1-5 days after the shot, please call the
the Health Center where the vaccine was given and report this to a nurse.

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