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Commuter Impacted Parking District: A Guide


To help residents more easily park during the daytime, the City of Milwaukee designates some areas near busy institutions like hospitals, schools and universities as Commuter Impacted Parking Districts. The 4th Aldermanic District has one such area. It is called the CBD-East commuter impacted area. This area is bounded by N. Prospect Avenue on the east, E. Ogden Avenue on the north, N. Milwaukee Street on the west and E. Wells Street on the south.

People who reside within the special parking district may obtain an annual daytime commuter impacted parking permit that will allow a vehicle to be parked without regard to posted restrictions anywhere within the specific commuter impacted parking district. Commuter impacted daytime parking permits are available at no charge at the 1st District Police Station at 749 W. State St. (phone 414-935-7212).

Permit requirements: Residents applying for a daytime commuter impacted parking permit must present to police personnel a valid Wisconsin driver's license with the same address as applied for and a valid state of Wisconsin registration for the vehicle.

Permit regulations: Your vehicle must be parked within the commuter impacted parking district, on either side of the street, except where prohibited. These permits may never be used to park at a parking meter. Only one permit shall be issued per dwelling unit. If you own or operate two vehicles, both may be registered on one permit, however, only one vehicle may utilize the permit at a time. If the permit is lost or stolen before its expiration date, it will not be replaced until after the expiration date. 

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