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Revised Floodplain Boundary Process

The Revised Boundaries For 100-Year Floodplain Map

With the official recognition by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the new, revised boundaries for the 100-year floodplain map for Lincoln Creek in the City of Milwaukee effective on Friday, November 11, 2005, the process reaches an important milestone. Approximately 1,600 property owners will or have received a letter stating that their properties are no longer in the floodplain. Officially, this is the document people will need to take to their insurance agents when they want to stop paying flood insurance premiums. Also, the city's GIS system and city databases that are consulted when someone applies for a building permit, or when someone consults the city's website to determine whether their property is in a floodplain, have been updated. (NOTE: The GIS system is a computer system designed for storing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying data in a geographic (map) context).
FEMA's website contains a section ( that allows people to view maps to check whether a property is located within a floodplain.

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