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Be on Alert for Rat Problems

City Department of Neighborhood Services workers have been very active using poison baits to address rat problems in Milwaukee, and 2nd District residents are urged to make sure they report any suspected rat harborages and to keep garbage properly secured.

The photo shown here is what a rat hole or burrow entrance can look like. Rats especially prefer spaces underneath garages and sheds. Any resident witnessing the problem should call DNS at 414-286-2268 so that workers can inspect the situation and place baits if necessary.

Residents are asked to remove fallen garbage from garbage carts and containers, fruit from trees, dog litter, dog food, bird seed from under bird feeders and any other items that may fall on the ground or out in the open and can be used as food.

Rat infestations can quickly get out of hand when people are careless, but Ald. Davis said residents working together can help eliminate the problem.

An opening such as this one at the base of a garage shows an ideal entry point for rats who will often make a burrow under cement garage slabs.


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