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Slowing Speeders with Traffic Calming

Residents of the 14th District now have another tool to slow down cars that are speeding in their neighborhoods. The Milwaukee Common Council in December passed a measure which Ald. Zielinski co-sponsored, that will allow "traffic-calming" devices such as speed humps or mini-roundabouts to be installed in their neighborhoods.

Under the plan, residents can petition for a traffic calming device and if the city agrees it is necessary, they would be given several choices. A speed hump would cost about $5,000 - $7,000 while a mini-roundabout, or traffic circle, would cost about $20,000 - $25, 000. If affected homeowners agree, 90% of the cost would be split among residents with the city paving fund paying the remaining 10%. Any 14th District residents who are interested can contact the alderman's office.

"People want safer streets and this ordinance is a safety measure which will encourage slower driving, enhance pedestrian safety and allow residents to gain control of busy and dangerous streets," said Ald. Zielinski. Speed humps and traffic circles have been in place in several city districts on a trial basis and have received positive reactions from residents.

Traffic calming devices.