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Places Older Than Me in the Area

The Evergreen Hotel, 3774 S. 27 St., was built in 1843 as a home for Jacob Nunnemacher and is now a five-room hotel with a bar containing an original working natural fireplace and an original wooden telephone booth in the lobby. It has backlit pictures behind the bar of its time as the Evergreen Camp showing it as a resort with cabins from about the 1930's. The land was obtained as a U.S. Land Grant located south of Old Line road (the city limits, now Oklahoma Avenue) on Old Kilbourn Road.

From 1852 to 1863 the house adjoined a distillery that made whiskey and high wine (188 proof). The owner sold a gallon of whiskey for $1.25 and when the federal government passed a $2 a gallon tax to pay for the war effort, he did not think people would pay $3.25 so he did not collect it. The distillery was closed by revenuers. The owner then operated a cattle farm with 4 barns on the site, a slaughterhouse and a butcher shop. It later became a resort. The Evergreen Hotel and bar is worth a stop.

This picture was taken from about S. 5th and Waterford and shows the North Shore Line passing under the Rapid Transit with the Town of Lake City Hall and water tower being constructed in the background.


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