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Junk Collector or Burglar?

How do you know if the slow moving truck driving through your street looking in your yard is a licensed junk collector or someone casing the neighborhood? I have sponsored an ordinance change that would require junk collectors to place signage on their vehicles similar in size to those found on taxi cabs. The city does license junk collectors now and gives them a three-inch window sticker. This change would allow you to actually see a name, permit number and phone number to make it easier to identify who is a junk collector.


Junk Collector Signage Ordinance Passed
In the last newsletter I reported that I had introduced an ordinance that would require licensed junk collectors to have signs in three inch letters on their truck that would give their name, permit number and phone number to better identify licensed junk collectors from suspicious vehicles driving slowly looking in yards. That ordinance passed and became effective July 1. Since that time more people have come in for licenses. If you see a slow moving vehicle looking at houses and yards without such signage, call it in to the police non-emergency phone number at 933-4444 as a suspicious vehicle.

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