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Whom to Call to Report a Crime

Sometimes it's not clear whom to call to report a crime or incident. The general rule of thumb recommended by Milwaukee Police is that if the incident constitutes an emergency, call 9-1-1. An "emergency" would include all life-threatening situations including shots fired, and all suspected crimes in progress including vandalism (especially graffiti vandalism), a fight or battery, loitering/prowling, robbery, or sexual assault.

If the situation is not an emergency, the number to call is 414-933-4444. Non-emergency situations generally include parking problems/issues, loud music and neighbor problems.

The 11th Aldermanic District is served by the 6th Police District.

When there are non-emergencies that may require district notification (but a squad is NOT needed)—there is a vacant house (occupants are on vacation but would like a squad to check) or nuisance complaints not in progress—please call 414-935-7262.  For all drug house complaints (suspected drug dealing/drug activity) please call the Vice Division at 414-935-7411.

Always be prepared to provide basic details (descriptions of people and vehicles, addresses, any special instructions [i.e. which door to enter, etc.]) when calling police.

To speak to a supervisor (response time seems too long/officers actions don't seem appropriate, etc.) call 414-935-7261. To learn more about starting a block watch group or to schedule a meeting with police please call the community liaison officer at 414-935-7268.


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