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Learn more about 100-year floodplain map updates

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is currently finalizing updated 100-year floodplain maps for the City of Milwaukee within the Kinnickinnic (KK) River watershed.  These updated floodplains cover significantly larger areas than the existing FEMA floodplain maps and reflect a much greater flood risk to homes and businesses within several areas throughout the watershed.  In response to the floodplain update, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is currently undergoing an update to its KK River Watershed Flood Management Plan in order to develop and evaluate various alternatives to reduce this increased flood risk.

These alternatives will incorporate and possibly revise recent study recommendations for the KK River, Lyons Park Creek and Wilson Park Creek.

Due to the proximity of the floodplains to the Milwaukee County Parks and the likelihood that many of the alternatives could have impacts on these parks, MMSD is working with the Milwaukee County Parks Department to perform updated planning of several area parks including Lyons Park and Jackson Park.  The park planning effort will evaluate needs and opportunities within these parks and incorporate feedback from the adjacent neighborhoods and other users of the parks with the intent that any modifications to the parks proposed under the flood management study will be to maintain the overall park vision, and ultimately, provide an overall enhancement to the park.

The flood management and park planning studies will be ongoing throughout 2015.  MMSD is proposing several community and public meetings for late summer and fall of this year.  Please contact the MMSD Project Manager, Patrick Elliott (414-225-2168 or with any questions.

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