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Building Plans/Tax Rolls

City Records is the permanent repository for all building plans subject to examination by the City Development Center, as well as for official tax rolls and tax payment records for real estate and personal property. Members of the public looking for building plans should contact City Records to confirm the existence of plans for the requested address, then must complete an Application for Inspection/Copy of Structure Plan (Below; fill out items 1-5, others if known) prior to viewing records. Requestors must bring a photo ID to the CRC before viewing plans.

Per Milwaukee Code of Ordinances Ch. 311, City Records reserves the right to deny access to building plans of “secure structures” when providing such access is deemed contrary to public interest. Secure Structure plans may still be viewed via provision of written permission from the property owner.

No conditions apply to viewing tax rolls or tax payment records. For both tax and property records, a nominal charge may be applied to production of copies, payable by cash or check.

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