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Millennial Task Force - Areas of Focus


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  Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Commit to modern, multi-modal transportation, equitable development, and Vision Zero, and join NACTO. Create a modern transportation agency; reorganize Department of Public Works (DPW) Infrastructure Division to address equity, climate change, safety, economic development, mobility, etc.
  • Develop a sustainable infrastructure funding source that would generate local revenue for transportation.
  • Eliminate jaywalking as an offense in the city.
  • Develop an ambitious pedestrian zone road map that converts one street or alley in each neighborhood to a pedestrian plaza or public space.
  Employment and Economic Development
  • Develop a ‘Milwaukee Residency Program’ with immersive programs and experiences for startups.
  • Create an Opportunity Zone Fund and/or a Revolving Loan Fund for Community Development.
  • Formalize a resident-first planning process to protect neighborhoods at risk of displacement.
  • Create Department of Transformation to act as “modern-day suggestion box” for improving public services.
  • Establish a department, task force, or program devoted to attracting and retaining talented people.
  • Create Talent Investment Districts to collect and allocate funds towards attracting talented individuals.
  • Increase funding for the Direct Connect MKE program.
  • Explore a Universal Basic Income (UBI) program.
  • Establish a social entrepreneurship fund whereby the City provides funding, mentorship, and other resources to social entrepreneurs.
  • Assist and expand startups, apprenticeships, and internships.
  • Expand economic development tools such as Business Improvement Districts (BID) and Tax Incremental Financing (TIF).
  Racial and Criminal Justice
  • Implement anti-racism solutions.
  • Increase tax levy support for the Department of Administration’s Office of African American Affairs (OAAA) from $190,850 to $240,850, connect it with the Health Department, and coordinate with the County’s OAAA office.
  • Provide an update on the draft assessment report recommendations from the Milwaukee Collaborative Reform Initiative, tasked with addressing racial and criminal justice issues.
  • Modify police training.
  • Expand emotional intelligence and cultural competency assessments to all City employees.
  • Incentivize first-time home buying in Black and Brown neighborhoods.
  Health and Wellness
  • Address the major impacts COVID-19 has had on the Black and Brown community.
  • Recommend Council-sponsored report analyzing the supply of neighborhood amenities within each Common Council district, and average distances between residents’ homes and these essential locations.
  • Increase tax levy support of the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) from $2,142,625 to $2,442,625, annually review and advocate for the goals and strategies in the Blueprint for Peace, and balance violence prevention investment with the Milwaukee Police Department’s (MPD) budget.
  • Ensure that state and federal lobbying prioritizes advancing violence prevention polices and investment.
  • Treat victims of domestic and intimate partner violence with dignity and protect their rights through increased engagement and investment.
  • Eliminate death and injury caused by police violence.
  • Prioritize gun violence prevention.
  • Create free mental health introductory consultation or counseling services for all Milwaukee residents.
  • Incentivize young people to stay in Milwaukee for college through scholarships and discounted tuition.
  • Expose young people to non-traditional career pathways available in Milwaukee, such as apprenticeships and jobs that don’t require college degrees.
  • Improve the college experience, implement curriculums to teach students about Milwaukee job possibilities, and expose them to the city.
  • Elevate the City’s Earn and Learn program.
  Marketing and Storytelling
  • Create a central storytelling hub within City government to help promote a positive narrative and to reach a large audience through program marketing.
  • Work with and encourage outside organizations to develop a positive narrative for Milwaukee and to increase public awareness of opportunities and assets in the city.
  • Improve City government’s “company culture.”
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