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Get to Know EDITH (Escape Drills In The Home)

All families should also have a personal escape plan, and practice it at least twice a year. Pull together everyone in your household and draw a floor plan showing two ways out of each room, including windows. Make sure that everyone understands the escape plan and recognizes the sound of the smoke alarm.

If the smoke detectors in your home activate, or if you smell smoke, you should leave the house immediately. Do not delay this by taking any personal belongings with you. Before you open a door to exit a room, feel the door to make sure it isn't warm. If it is warm, there may be fire on the other side, so leave this room by another door or a window. If there is smoke in the house, crawl on the floor where it is easier to both see and breathe.

Once you are out of the house, do not go back in for any reason! Go straight for your family's meeting place to see that everyone is safely out of the home. Call 9-1-1 immediately.

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