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Being a Firefighter with the Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) is about more than putting out fires.  The MFD’s focus on prevention, education, emergency medical and other emergency services means that you’ll be of service to your community every day, often helping people at their times of greatest need.  If you’re a person with compassion and bravery and want to do meaningful work that makes a difference, consider a career with the Milwaukee Fire Department. 

Why choose a career with the Milwaukee Fire Department?

  • To make positive changes in your community.

    • You will be directly helping people in need every day.
  • To earn a competitive salary.

    • $44,490.37 per year to start.
  • To have a secure pension and retirement.

    • A fully funded, vested pension system; available at age 52 with 25 years of service or age 57 with no service minimum.
  • To further your education.

    • You'll have access to tuition and textbook reimbursement of up to $925 per year and your educational achievements will be rewarded with annual bonus payments.
  • For opportunity for promotion and advancement.

    • Supervisory positions are filled through internal promotion.  The maximum annual salary for a Fire Captain, for example, is $95,350.25.
  • To use your talents and skills to their potential.

    • MFD members serve in a variety of roles and specialties from the Dive Rescue Team to the Hazardous Materials Team and the Fire Investigation Unit. 


The application period for Firefighter positions closed October 13, 2017. 


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