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FPC Reports

Crime and Justice Institute Reports

On July 23, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin entered an order adopting a Settlement Agreement among the parties to Charles Collins, et al. v. City of Milwaukee, et al. As part of that Settlement Agreement a Consultant must prepare an annual report that addresses the City’s compliance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement based on a review of MPD and FPC actions and an annual analysis of MPD data on traffic stops, field interviews, no-action encounters (NAE), searches, and frisks. After mutual agreement by the counsel for the Plaintiffs and the City, the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) was contracted by the City to serve as the Consultant.

Public Statements

Official statements from the Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission regarding specific issues.

Reports on MPD Practices and Policies

Fire and Police Commission reports regarding Milwaukee Police Department practices and policies, including use of force and pursuits.

Police Satisfaction Survey Reports

The purpose of these surveys are to measure resident perceptions regarding a range of issues relevant to the Milwaukee Police Department; satisfaction with and trust in the police, perceptions of safety and police visibility, views on various kinds of police contacts, and exposure to crime. The surveys are structured to provide estimates of both city-wide opinion as well as estimates of opinion within each police district.

City of Milwaukee Public Safety Reports (2000 - 2007)

Provide an annual summary and analysis of Fire and Police Department services to protect lives and property in our City.

Informational Memorandums

Matters of current community concern regarding public safety issues researched and reported by the staff of the Fire and Police Commission.

Discipline Decisions

Provide a written summary of individual citizen Board trials that have been held regarding a disciplinary decision made by the Fire and Police Chief in which the department employee appealed the decision of the Chief by requesting a hearing before the citizen Board.

Fire and Police Commission Annual Reports

Provide an overview of Commission activity for the year, including policy review, citizen complaints, disciplinary appeals, appointments and promotions, and demographic profiles of the Fire and Police Departments.

Citizen Complaint Reports

Provides a summary and analysis of complaints submitted to both the FPC and the Milwaukee Police Department.

Milwaukee Police Department Citizen Complaint Process Report

Provides a review of the Citizen Complaint Process in order to assess the quality and effectiveness of the citizen complaint procedures, the fairness and objectivity of complaint investigation results, and the degree of complainant satisfaction with the overall complaint process and associated outcomes.

PARC Report

This 2006 report evaluated the structure, procedures, and practices of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission and made recommendations for improvement.

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