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Filing a Complaint

A main goal of the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) is to ensure that members of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments carry out their duties in a professional and respectful manner.  The FPC is the civilian oversight agency of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments and has full authority to investigate and discipline department employees for rule violations. 

Your complaint will be assigned to one of the FPC’s two full-time investigators, who will contact you to confirm the information you submit and gather more detail if necessary.  The majority of complaint investigations we conduct are concluded within 2 months of receipt, but each case is unique; be aware that some allegations may take significantly less or more time to resolve. 

  • A brochure providing a general outline of the complaint process may be found here (also available in Spanish and Hmong).
  • A fully detailed account of the complaint process may be viewed here
  • Some complaints may be recommended for a mediation process, which you can read about here (also available in Spanish).


  • The FPC only has authority to investigate complaints against the City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Department personnel.
  • Complaints about parking citations are not within our investigative authority. 
  • The FPC does not have the authority to award any monetary damages.  
  • It is desirable that complaints be filed as soon as reasonable after an incident. 
    • As a general guide we request that complaints for minor misconduct (for example, discourtesy) be filed within 60 days of the incident and complaints for serious misconduct (for example, excessive force) be filed within 6 months of the incident.  These guidelines may be extended for a variety of “good cause” reasons and we encourage you to discuss your situation with the assigned investigator as necessary.
  • While identity verification via a notary public is not required to submit a complaint, it may be needed at a later point to continue the investigatory process. 
    • Notary services are offered for no charge in our office at City Hall and in many other neighborhood locations; the investigator handling your complaint will guide you through the process when it is necessary.


If you wish to file a complaint with the FPC against a Fire or Police Department member we have multiple avenues available through which you may do so: 

You may submit a complaint using our online complaint submission form.  Please note that an email address is required for you to utilize this tool.

You may download citizen complaint forms in English, Spanish, and Hmong The forms are fillable pdfs, meaning that you may type in the information using your computer if you wish; otherwise you may print out the form and fill it out by hand. 

You may pick up citizen complaint forms in person: Forms are available in branches of the Milwaukee Public Library and at MPD District Stations.

Completed and signed forms should be either emailed to or delivered by mail or by hand to:

For more information or to file a complaint by phone, please call (414) 286-5000 to speak with an investigator.

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission
City Hall Room 706A
200 E Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Complaint forms are also available in person at our office in City Hall, and assistance may be sought from our many community partner organizations:

Investigators Community Office Hours Calendar

As part of the Fire and Police Commission's commitment and public outreach efforts in bringing awareness to the citizen complaint process.  The Fire and Police Commission investigators will hold community office hours to inform/educate the public on the citizen complaint process and to also take in-person complaints.

February Community Office Hours

  • ACLU of Wisconsin
    207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 325; Milwaukee, WI 53202-5774; Phone: (414) 272-4032 ext.216; Fax: (414) 272-0182; Email:
  • Centro Hispano of Milwaukee!home/mainPage
    614 W. National Avenue; (414) 384-3700
    Marquette Legal Clinic is available to assist in filing a complaint on WEDNESDAYS from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Spanish Center.
  • House of Peace Community Center
    1702 W. Walnut Street; (414) 933-1300
    Marquette Legal Clinic is available to assist in filing a complaint on TUESDAYS from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the House of Peace.
  • League of Martin
    (414) 455-0710
  • Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
    1110 N. Market Street, Second Floor; (414) 271-2656
  • Milwaukee NAACP
    2745 N. Martin Luther King Drive; (414) 562-1000
    The NAACP will have an attorney available to assist in filing a complaint on TUESDAYS from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at the NAACP office.
  • Milwaukee Urban League
    435 W. North Avenue; (414) 374-5850
  • New Concept Self-Development Center
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
    1531 W. Vliet Street; (414) 344-5788
  • Shee Yee Community / Hmong American Friendship Association, Inc.
    3824 W. Vliet Street; (414) 344-6575
  • Sherman Park Community Association
    3526 W. Fond du Lac Avenue; (414) 444-9803
  • Silver Spring Neighborhood Center
    5460 N. 64th Street; (414) 463-7950
  • Southside Organizing Committee
    1300 S. Layton Boulevard; (414) 672-8090
  • Spotted Eagle 
    3209 W. Highland Boulevard., Suite 200; (414) 342-0706
  • Urban Underground
    4850 W. Fond du Lac Avenue; (414) 444-8726
  • Voces De La Frontera
    1027 S. 5th Street; (414) 643-1620
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