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Are you interested doing fulfilling work, earning a great income with benefits, and being a guardian of your community? Take a look at this conversation between a young man and his mentor about making the decision to stand up and become a Milwaukee Police Officer. Have that conversation.

Why choose a career with the Milwaukee Police Department

1 -To make positive changes in your community.

  • You will be directly helping people in need every day.

2 -To earn a competitive salary.

  • The current annual recruit starting salary is $47,673.69, with an increase to $63,564.75 upon graduation from the Academy, and increases to a maximum of $84,743.87 (subject to contractual guidelines).

3 -To have a secure pension and retirement.

  • A fully funded, vested pension system; available after 25 years of service.

4 -To further your education.

  • You'll have access to tuition and textbook reimbursement of up to $1,500 per year and your educational achievements will be rewarded with pay increases.

5 -For opportunity for promotion and advancement.

  • Supervisory positions are filled through internal promotion. The maximum annual salary for a Lieutenant, for example, is $102,655.

6 -To use your talents and skills to their potential.

  • MPD members serve in a variety of roles and specialties from the Bomb Squad to the Underwater Investigation Unit to the Financial Crimes Unit. MPD also values your language skills: bonus pay is available for each hour you serve as an interpreter or translator.

Learn More

Learn more about the position and the hiring and testing process

Keep informed about future employment opportunities with the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments

If you wish to receive email notifications about protective service jobs with the Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments such as police officer, firefighter, or 911 operator, please sign up for the Milwaukee E-Notify system and select MFD Career Opportunities and/or MPD Career Opportunities. You can also sign up for alerts for other job opportunities with the City of Milwaukee by using the E-Notify system.  

If you wish to receive text message notifications about protective service jobs with the Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments such as police officer, firefighter, or 911 operator, please text the number below with your full name and the position(s) for which you would like to receive alerts:

  • (414) 519-6190





Myths about Police Hiring

  • I have to already have my degree in order to apply.

You do not need to already have your degree in order to apply to be a Police Officer with the MPD.  Learn more.

  • I'm not perfect, they wouldn't want me.

While it’s true that we’re looking for the best candidates we can find, we understand that nobody’s perfect.  What’s most important is that your past issues don’t compromise your integrity and that you’re honest and forthcoming about yourself and your decisions. Learn more.

  • I can't apply because I don't live in Milwaukee.

Please apply no matter where you live.  After an appointment and while you're in the training academy, the City allows new Police Officers 6 months to move to within 15 miles of the City.  Learn more. 

  • I'm not physically fit enough.

The FPC is invested in you and will help connect you to the resources you will need to pass the minimum fitness requirements.  Learn more.

  • My friends and family won't approve.

In your pursuit of an honorable career, you will win over your toughest critics.  Learn more.

  • It's too dangerous.

While it's true that working as a police officer is a demanding position, the injury rate of this profession isn't very different than many other common professions.  Learn more. 

  • It's just a job. 

Working as a Police Officer provides much more than any ordinary job.  Learn more. 

  • What about all the stuff I see in the news? 

Regardless of the messages amplified in the media, people call the police when they’re in need and appreciate the service that the police provide.  The vast majority of people want the police in their neighborhood and rely on the police in their times of crisis.  Learn more.  

  • The testing is too complicated. 

The Fire and Police Commission uses tests which are locally and nationally validated by an outside third party to measure aptitude for and compatibility with the position.  While the testing process does take time, the goal is to make sure that you are a good fit for the position and that you'll have a long and successful career with the City of Milwaukee.  Learn more.

  • I can’t apply because I have a tattoo.

While there are rules regarding tattoos, simply having a tattoo is not an automatic disqualifier.  Learn more.

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