Filing a Claim

To file a claim against the City a claimant must comply with Section 893.80(1),Wis. Stats., a copy of which you can find on the full instruction sheet. Generally the statute requires the claimant to submit to the City Clerk:

  1. A document stating the circumstances of the claim which must be signed by the claimant, or his/her agent or attorney. This document should be filed within 120 days of the event.

  2. A document stating the address of the claimant and a statement of the relief sought. If money damages are sought, a specific sum must be stated.

(The above information may be combined in a single document.)


The following information should also be submitted to allow the City to promptly act on your claim:

  1. Proof of the amount of the claim by means of either itemized receipts or two itemized estimates.

  2. A phone number where the claimant can be reached during business hours as well as the claimant’s e-mail address, if any.

  3. As detailed a description of the incident as possible, including the date, time and place.

All information should be submitted to:

City Clerk
200 E. Wells St., Room 205
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3567


Full instructions for filing a claim against the City of Milwaukee.


Instrucciones para presentar una demanda contra la Ciudad de Milwaukee.

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