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Electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, if widely adopted, have the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve neighborhood air quality. ECO is paving the way for electric vehicles in Milwaukee.

The U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fueling Station Locator is a great resource to find alternative fueling stations in the United States and Canada.

Use Available Federal Dollars: Inflation Reducation Act (IRA) Tax Credits & Direct Rebates

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The City's Plan to Build Out Charging Stations

The City is working with WisDOT on the Wisconsin National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program for Milwaukee and has completed a Preliminary Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan coordinating WisDOT and the State NEVI Plan for charging station placement in Milwaukee. The City applied for the U.S. DOT Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program under the VROOM (Vehicle Recharging Options of Milwaukee) Project.

Unfortunately, no proposals in Wisconsin were selected for funding. If Wisconsin adopts a new clarifying law around EV charging, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin communities will be in better position to receive federal funds. ECO is seeking feedback from the US Department of Transportation on the City’s application and plans to apply for future rounds of funding, possibly in cooperation with other local communities.

Driving Electric in Milwaukee

  • Public EV Charging Stations
  • Low- and Zero-Emissions City Vehicles
  • Residential EV Charging Resources
  • Commercial EV Charging Resources

Residents can take advantage of three public electric vehicle charging stations installed through ECO. The stations were 100% funded with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act by the U.S. Department of Energy. They use ChargePoint stations by Coulomb, which will become part of the national ChargePoint Network that allows drivers to find and reserve stations. 


• City Center, 209 E. Mason St.

• Brady Street Parking Lot, Brady St. & N. Warren Ave.

• 1640 S. 10th St.

Find All Public Charging Stations on PlugShare

The City of Milwaukee Common Council voted to approve an updated ordinance requiring departments to purchase low- or zero-emission vehicles with the goal to replace City-owned or leased vehicles with those that operate with cleaner, sustainable alternative fuels. The policy supports the City’s efforts to increase the use of vehicles powered by clean energy sources and achieve its climate goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.

The ordinance applies to the purchase of light-duty and off-road vehicles, as well as medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. When cost-effective, purchases will prioritize hybrid, electric, and alternative-fuel vehicles. The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, Police Department, Fire Department, and Port are directed to report annually on the progress of the transition. The police department is already purchasing hybrid vehicles for its fleet. The City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office is also working with departments to plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in City buildings and for the community.

We Energies is offering a Residential EV Charger Pilot Program for Wisconsin homeowners that receive electric service from the utility. Under the program, charging equipment and maintenance is supplied. Homeowners have the option to pay for the charging equipment upfront or as a monthly cost to their energy bill.

• EV Charger Information & Costs

• EV Program Pricing

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Own or lease an electric vehicle (all-electric or plug-in hybrid).

2. Own and live in a Wisconsin residence that receives electric service from We Energies. For this program, this is defined as a detached single-family home, townhome/row house, duplex or other multifamily dwellings with separately metered service.

3. Adequate Wi-Fi at the charging location.

4. Have 240-volt circuit wiring and outlet where the charger will be located. Your home may need additional electrical upgrades to meet this requirement.

We Energies is offering a Business EV Charger Pilot Program to help offset the upfront costs of installing charging stations for fleets, employees, customers, or for public use at facilities. The program offers credits to help pay for customer costs of utility upgrades and provides possible rebates for facility electrical work.

• EV Charger Information & Costs

• EV Program Pricing

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Commit to installing a minimum of four ports or 50kW of new Level 2 or DC fast chargers. An additional electric meter to measure charging is required.

2. Must be on one of the following rates: Cg1, Cg 2, Cg 3, Cg 3S, Cg3C, Cg 6, Cp1, Cp FN, Cp 3, Cp 3S, CP 4.

PACE Financing is available for electric vehicle infrastructure for commercial properties.

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