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PACE Financing


The City of Milwaukee’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing program helps commercial property owners affordably finance energy or water efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy reliability, stormwater controls or "green infrastructure," and other resiliency upgrades in their buildings. This public-private partnership leverages private capital to supply upfront funding for the improvements and collects payments through a voluntary municipal special charge (City Ordinance 304-26.5). The special charge is attached to the property, not the owner, and is paid back through a direct billing system over time. Projects are designed so that the annual energy and other savings pay for the special charge, providing a net positive cash flow over the life of the upgrades.


  • Provides private capital to fund your project
  • Financing availability based on property value, not owner credit
  • Repayment obligation stays with property if sold or transferred
  • Longer term financing (up to 30 years)
  • 100% project financing up to 20-30% of property value (can be appraised value at completion)
  • Potential to pass on project costs to tenants
  • Potential to count investment as an operating expense
  • Improved property value
  • Improved net operating income
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Replaces outdated equipment with modern, energy-efficient equipment
  • Allows marketing of "green" features of your property
  • Added amenities such as EV Charging stations to attract tenants

Eligible Properties:

  • Located in the City of Milwaukee (Property not located in the City? Consider PACE Wisconsin)
  • Commercial property (all non-residential properties, multi-family buildings with 5+ units, industrial, retail, and office space)
  • No property tax delinquencies for three years
  • Free of title disputes
  • Clear of involuntary liens or judgments

Next Steps:

  • Get Started with the the Project Center
  • Create a login and complete the Pre-Application
  • A member of our team will reach out to discuss the Pre-Application and next steps

Completed PACE Projects

For more examples of completed projects, click here.

The Trade

PACE Financing: $7,500,000
Improvements: Building Shell, HVAC, HVAC Control, LED Lighting, Water Conservation


LP Park Partners

PACE Financing: $178,454
Improvements: Interior and exterior LED lighting retrofit, including lamps, switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting for tenant spaces, common areas, mechanical/storage rooms, stairwells,and parking lot. 



PACE Financing: $1,000,000
Improvements: Windows, roof, lighting



PACE Financing: $1,490,000
Improvements: PV, Lighting, HVAC, Elevator


Cambria Hotel

PACE Financing: $3,205,608
Improvements: Roof, Wall, window, interior and exterior LEDs, low flows, DHW


Commerce Building

PACE Financing: $2,700,320
Improvements: Windows, HVAC, DHW heat exchanger, interior LED


Grand Avenue Apartments

PACE Financing: $249,999
Improvements: Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, windows


Mackie Building

PACE Financing: $1,894,040
Improvements: Windows, wall insulation, RTU, ERV, VRF, DHW, low-flow, elevator


Pabst Brewery Lofts

PACE Financing: $6,218,996
Improvements: Roof, wall, window, interior and exterior LEDs, HVAC (WSHP and RTUs), low flows


Plankinton Building

PACE Financing: $760,880
Improvements: VAV, VFD, ECM, fans, thermostats, interior and exterior LED


The Avenue

PACE Financing: $1,500,000
Improvements: Windows, Interior LEDs


University Club

PACE Financing: $695,150
Improvements: Interior lighting, PTACs, make up air replacement, steam trap replacement, windows, hood controls, refrigeration controls



Educational Resources

PACE Fact Sheet 2023

PACE Fact Sheet 2023 - Spanish





Contact Pamela Ritger de la Rosa,
Environmental Sustainability Program Manager

Phone: 1-414-708-7331
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