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Municipal ID Card

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Important things to remember:

  1. Your ID CANNOT be used to vote in Wisconsin.

  2. You must be 14 years or older to apply. (Those under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.)

  3. Your ID will expire in 5 years.

  4. You must notify the License Division within 10 days if your address changes or if your ID is lost or stolen. (There is a $5 replacement fee.)

  5. Information provided on your application may be released in response to a public records request.

How to Apply

Submit an application - including your proof of identity, proof of residency, and $10 fee - to the License Division. You must apply in-person.

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  Completed application
  Proof of identity

Submit one of the following

The document must display your photograph and date of birth

  • U.S. or Foreign Passport
  • U.S. State Driver's License
  • U.S. State or Federal ID card
  • Consular Identification (CID)
  • U.S. Permanant Resident (Green) Card

Or any two of the following

The document must display your photograph and date of birth

  • U.S. or Foreign Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • National ID Card
  • Foreign Driver's License
  • Foreign Military ID
  • Visa
  • Student ID Card
  • U.S. Individual Taxpayer ID Number

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  Proof of residency

Submit one of the following...
The document must contain your name and residential address in Milwaukee, and must be dated within the last 60 days.

  • Utility bill (including gas, electric, garbage, water, internet, cable, cellphone, or landline telephone)
  • Local property tax statement or mortgage statement
  • Insurance premium bill or invoice (including homeowner's, renter's, health, life or automobile)
  • Proof of minor currently enrolled in a Milwaukee school
  • Bank statement (including checking, savings, certificate of deposit or investment accounts)
  • Jury summons or court order issued by a local, state or federal court
  • Employment pay stub or paycheck (including proof of unemployment or disability assistance)
  • Written verification by a hospital, health clinic, shelter or social service agency
  • Identification card, license, or other official State or Federal document

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Additional Forms

Municipal ID Affidavit - Required only if your application provides a name or gender identity different than your proof of identity document(s).

 Common Council City Clerk - License Division

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City Clerk – License Division
City Hall Room 105
200 E. Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202  

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