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City Ordinances relating to garbage and recycling services are found in Section 79.

Warning Tags

Photo of warning tags You may receive a courtesy warning notification from your garbage or recycling collector if there are problems with your cart or materials. These orange (recycling) and green (garbage) tags are left on the carts. Follow the instructions to prevent interruptions in service and to avoid violations.


Cart related violations

  • Carts must be returned to their storage area no later than 10 PM on the day of collection. There is an inspection fee for these violations. If it is not corrected witin 3 days, additional charges will be incurred. Review all setout instructions.
  • Carts must be stored adjacent to the alley or in the rear of the yard if there is no alleyway.
  • Recyclables, yard waste, and electronics must not be placed in garbage carts. Review all garbage guidelines.
  • Shovel a path to garbage and recycling carts within 72 hours of the last snowfall.
  • Only put approved recyclables in the recycling cart. Review curbside recycling guidelines.

Bulky item related charges and violations

  • Bulky items greater than 1 cubic yard and less than 6 cubic yards are collected for a fee. If items are not removed after the cure period, the City will collect and the fee will be assessed.
  • Electronics are not collected and must be taken to a Drop Off Center for recycling disposal. There is a $25 inspection fee for this violation. If it is not corrected, there is an additional charge for removal.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste must be taken to a Drop Off Center or have the collection fee paid for in advance.
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