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Drop Off Centers

A new fee schedule was adopted September 3, 2019. Please see our brochure for more information (en español).

The City of Milwaukee Drop Off Centers allow for the safe disposal and recycling of a wide variety of residential waste. The Drop Off Centers have evolved over the years to accommodate the separation and recycling of many material streams in order to steward resources and landfill space for the public benefit.

Drop Off Center Locations

  • North - 6660 N Industrial Road - must enter Industrial Road from Mill Road
  • South - 3879 W Lincoln Avenue
Summer Hours
Winter Hours
April 2, 2019 - November 30, 2019 December 1, 2019 - April 4, 2020
Tuesday - Sunday 7 AM - 3 PM Tuesday - Saturday 7 AM - 3 PM
Monday CLOSED Sunday - Monday CLOSED

Closed on City Holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Independence Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Labor Day
  • Good Friday & Easter Sunday
    open Saturday as usual
  • Thanksgiving & Following Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Eve & Day



In order to help offset the cost of processing materials brought to the Drop Off Centers, a fee schedule is authorized under Milwaukee Code of Ordinances 79-14.5. The load size fees are based off of an approximation of the volume of the material being brought in (measured in cubic yards).

Fees are based on the volume of the load being brought in (measured in cubic yards). The vehicle and trailer references are to help give an approximation of how large of a volume those vehicles/trailers typically have.

As an example, a passenger car sized load is generally less than 1 cubic yard if the contents are packed in the trunk and/or backseat of the vehicle; this would be a load free of charge.

However, if a passenger car were to have a full trunk and have two mattresses on the roof of the car, this would increase the load size to over 1 cubic yard (closer to the load size of a Truck/Minivan/SUV), and would incur a $20 fee.

Normal recyclable materials and scrap metal are free of charge regardless of volume.

The payment booth accepts cash, debit, and all major credit cards.

Load Size Approximation/Item


Less than 1 cubic yard/yd3

Passenger Car


1 -3 yd3

Pickup Truck


3-6 yd3

Small Trailer/Tall Truck


6-10 yd3

Large Trailer/Small Box Truck


10-18 yd3

Large Box Truck/Enclosed Trailer



Less than 6 yd3 free!



 Maximum of 3

$5 each


Maximum of 5

$3 each

Load sizes are approximated by Drop Off Center staff to help expedite entry. All loads are priced separately. Load size is determined by staff and is non-negotiable. Staff reserves the right to deny acess depending on load,vehicle type, or conduct. 

Televisions and tires, regardless of cubic yard size are charged based on quantity.

Accepted Items


  • Antifreeze
  • Appliances
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Car batteries
  • Concrete
  • Cooking oil
  • Electronics (TVs maximum of 3, $5 per TV)
  • Large corrugated cardboard
  • Motor oil and filters
  • Recyclables normally accepted curbside
  • Scrap metal
  • Tire (maximum of 5 passenger tires, $3 fee per tire)


  • Brush and branches
  • Grass clippings
  • Garden debris
  • Leaves
  • Logs



The Drop Off Centers are available to City of Milwaukee residents and property owners. Current State or City issued photo identification is required. A property tax bill or recent utility bill can also be used if your State issued identification shows an address outside of City limits; the name on the bill must match that on the ID that your provide.

Those wishing to access the Drop Off Centers that own property in the City, but reside outside of the City, can complete a Property Ownership Form and bring it to either Drop Off Center office for supervisor approval (forms are available onsite as well). This form can then be used in the future as proof of eligibility.

Milwaukee County residents are permitted to utilize the Household Hazardous Waste program operated by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Please visit their website for locations and hours of operation.

Certain vehicles will not be allowed access to the Drop Off Centers. These include, but are not limited to vehicles with:

  • box trucks over 16 feet in length
  • trailers over 16 feet in length
  • dual rear-axles
  • flatbed, utility, dump, or semi trucks
  • vehicles containing non-verifiable contents
  • loads that are not safely contained or secured or large trailers which cannot maneuver easily throughout the yard
  • box trucks where the load cannot be fully inspected