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Collection Schedules & Setout Instructions

Garbage is collected weekly in 95 gallon carts. Garbage collection is guaranteed, year round. Additional garbage carts are available for a fee. Recycling collection schedules vary. Additional recycling carts are available at no cost.

Set Out Instructions

  • Carts and bins must be at the collection point (alley line or curb line) by 7 AM on designated pickup dates.
  • Carts must have a clear path to them and must be free from ice and snow accumulation.
  • Carts must be 3 feet away from other objects
  • Carts and bins must be returned to the storage area by 10 PM. (Scheduled winter pickups for garbage and some recycling routes may be postponed due to winter weather. In this situation, leave the cart(s) at the collection point until emptied.)
  • Garbage must be bagged. Recyclables must be loose. Learn about what materials can and cannot be collected.

Some residents have their garbage or recyclables collected by an Automated Side Loader (or ASL) truck. If your cart is collected by an ASL truck, in addition to the instructions above, you must make sure the lid opens to the street or alley and the handle is closest to the house. Learn more about ASL collection.

Enter your address below for information on your scheduled collection dates.

Collection schedules may shift after holidays. Leaf pickup indicates the start of your leaf collection route, it may not be the actual day of collection as the route completion time varies. The leaf rake-out deadline has passed. Leaves can no longer be raked into the street.

Where’s my garbage and recycling schedule?

Garbage and recycling schedules are available for viewing at  They may be downloaded and printed or they can be requested by calling 286-CITY or entering a service request at Garbage and recycling schedules will be mailed upon request.

Why did you get rid of printed schedules?

More people use the website to look at their garbage and recycling schedules. Printed tags attached to carts were not getting as much use as in the past. Many tags were found in the cart at the next collection day or found as litter. Time and resources spent to print and deliver the tags became a less and less wise use of resources.

How will I know when my garbage and recycling will be collected?

View your schedule online at or sign up for email and/or text notification the day prior to your collection day.  Sign up is available at

To sign up for E-Notify

Email notifications

  1. Sign in or create an enotify account
  2. Select “Location Based Subscriptions” in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website
  3. Click the arrow for “Sanitation Notifications”
  4. Enter the address or addresses for which you would like notifications for garbage and recycling pickup days
  5. Click “save

Text notifications

  1. Sign in or create an enotify account
  2. Select “Text Messaging” in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website.
  3. Add your phone number and carrier, then click the disk icon to save
  4. A text containing a confirmation code will be sent to the number enter; enter this code in the confirmation code box and click the checkmark icon
  5. Reselect “Text Messaging” in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website
  6. Click the arrow for “Sanitation Notifications”
  7. Click “Add Address
  8. Enter your street address (e.g., 200 E Wells St); if your address is entered correctly, it will appear in green, if incorrect, it will appear in red
  9. Click “save