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Departmental Records Coordinators

Each City Department should designate one or more records coordinators to serve as the records liaison between that Department (or division) and the City Records Center. Records Coordinators are intended to act as a local source of information regarding the records retention schedules, records management activities, and interaction with City Records for storage of inactive paper or digital records in the Records Center. Additional information on the responsibilities of records coordinators is available in the City Records and Information Management Policy.

Below is a list of officially designated records coordinators as maintained by City Records as of September 13, 2019. Reminders will be sent on a periodic basis to Department Heads to review and make updates to their designations, as appropriate. If your department is currently listed as "vacant", or the designee is not the intended coordinator, please contact Brad Houston to update your information.

Still confused? City Records staff are available for records coordinator or unit-wide training on request. More information is also available in this presentation, offered as part of periodic Citywide training.

Dept. No. Dept. Name Coordinator
095 Deferred Compensation Plan Elaine Bieszk
111 Mayor's Office Patty Doll
130 City Clerk/LRB Terry MacDonald
131 City Clerk/Central Administration Terry MacDonald
132 City Clerk/License Division Terry MacDonald
133 City Clerk/Council Services Terry MacDonald
134 Municipal Court Mary O'Connor
135 City Clerk/Cable TV Terry MacDonald
149 City Attorney Jason Pifer
150 Department Of Administration Diane Lopez
151 Budget & Management/DOA Crystal Ivy
152 Purchasing Division Of DOA Delisha Moore
153 Intergovernmental Relations/DOA Tobie Black
154 Environmental Collaboration Office Erick Shambarger
155 DOA/ITMD Judy Siettman
156 Document Services Jack Gaboury
157 DOA/CDGA Mario Higgins
159 DOA/OSBD Nikki Purvis
160 DER/Office Of Diversity Katherine Holiday
161 DER Staffing Katherine Holiday
162 DER Operations-Compensation Katherine Holiday
163 Safety Division/MPD Kerry Namin
164 DER Administration Katherine Holiday
165 DER Medical Benefits Susan Liedtke
166 DER Worker's Compensation Nilsa Rosado Jurkiewicz
167 DER Labor Relations Nicole Fleck
168 DER Employee Assistance Program Chris Zamora
170 Election Commission Theresa Gabriel
171 DER Equal Employment Opportunity VACANT
172 Board Of Ethics Terry Macdonald
180 Board Of Zoning Appeals Jeff Thomas
191 Department of City Development David Schroeder
192 DCD NIDC David Schroeder
193 Redevelopment Authority David Schroeder
194 Housing Authority VACANT
198 DCD Office Of Youth Initiatives Jack Gaboury
199 Historic Preservation Terry Macdonald
200 Development Center Steph O'Connor
211 Comptroller Administration Trang Dinh
214 Comptroller Auditing Trang Dinh
215 City Comptroller/Financial Advisory Trang Dinh
221 City Treasurer Margarita Gutierrez
230 Assessor's Office Emme Maldonado
240 Comptroller Public Debt Commission Trang Dinh
287 Employees Retirement System Karen McElwee
300 MPD Global Kerry Namin
310 Fire & Police Commission Renee Keinert
327 Firemens Retirement Karen McElwee
328 Fire Department Aaron Lipski
329 MPD Neighborhood Task Force Kerry Namin
330 MPD Property Control Kerry Namin
331 MPD Administration Kerry Namin
332 MPD Communications Kerry Namin
333 MPD Central Records Division Kerry Namin
334 MPD Districts Kerry Namin
335 MPD Identification Kerry Namin
336 MPD Medical Section Kerry Namin
339 MPD Auto Data Processing Kerry Namin
340 MPD Traffic Division Kerry Namin
342 MPD Training Bureau Kerry Namin
343 MPD Vice Control Kerry Namin
344 MPD Juvenile Division Kerry Namin
346 MPD Open Records Kerry Namin
349 MPD Maintenance Service Kerry Namin
350 MPD Printing & Stores Kerry Namin
351 MPD Internal Affairs Kerry Namin
352 MPD Community Services Division Kerry Namin
353 MPD Recruiting/Background Division Kerry Namin
355 MPD Management Analysis & Planning Kerry Namin
357 MPD Court Administration Kerry Namin
359 MPD Intelligence Fusion Center Kerry Namin
360 Department Of Neighborhood Services Steph O'Connor
361 DNS/Plumbing Steph O'Connor
370 MPD Human Resources Kerry Namin
371 MPD License Investigation Unit Kerry Namin
381 MHD/Administration VACANT
382 MHD/Maternal/Child Health Lisa Phillips
383 MHD/Consumer Environmental Health Taylor Rick
384 MHD/Clinical Services Ofelia Mondragon
385 MHD Laboratories Noah Leigh
386 MHD/Communicable Disease VACANT
388 MHD/Medical Clinic VACANT
389 MHD/Vital Statistics VACANT
391 MHD/Education VACANT
392 MHD/VD Control VACANT
429 Port Milwaukee Donna Luty
440 ERS/Police & Annuity Benefits Karen McElwee
501 DPW General Office Edie Greene
502 DPW/Special Assessments Edie Greene
526 DPW/Traffic Edie Greene
531 Buildings And Fleet Robert Westerman
543 Infrastructure/Construction Edie Greene
544 Infrastructure/Environmental Eng Edie Greene
545 Infrastructure/Special Projects Edie Greene
546 Infrastructure/Mapping & Drafting Edie Greene
547 Infrastructure/Estimating Section Edie Greene
548 Infrastructure/Administration Lauren Berger
549 Infrastructure/Field Engineering Edie Greene
565 Sanitation Melissa Valadez
570 Sewer Maintenance Edie Greene
581 Forestry David Sivyer
641 Water Department Sergio Elizalde Ortiz
643 Water Engineering Sergio Elizalde Ortiz
661 DPW/City Tow Lot Peter Knox
683 Environmental Engineering Edie Greene
861 Milwaukee Public Library Ano Vang Schacherer


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