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Licensing Process

In order to operate in the State of Wisconsin, you must have a valid Food Peddler (Mobile Food License) either from the City of Milwaukee or another jurisdiction in the State.

Apply for a Peddler's License through the license division; or If your business is currently licensed by a different municipality, you will need to obtain a Mobile Seller's License to operate in the City of Milwaukee.

Food Trucks and Mobile Vendors Rules and Regulations

A guide for operators of Mobile Food Establishments.

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Food Peddler Vehicle Zone

A “limited operation food peddler vehicle zone” means a portion of a public right-of-way designated by the common council for parking of food peddler vehicles subject to specified limitations. There are two types of zones:

Type 1: Time-limited Zone

Type 1, or Time-limited zone is a specific area that works on a first-come first-served basis within the allowed hours, but not exceding 6 hours in a 12-hour period or selling food between 1:00AM – 6:00AM.

Type 1 Map

Type 2: Density-limited Zone

Type 2, or Density-limited zone is an area exclusively for food peddler vehicle operation by permit only.

The maximum number of food peddler vehicles allowed on this zone is determined for that specific block based upon density and traffic safety, as determined by the common council in consultation with the department of public works and the police department.

If you wish to operate in this zone, you need to apply for a parking permit through the License Division. In the first year this ordinance is in effect, applications cannot be filed later than July 1, 2023, and no later than March 1 of each year thereafter. Parking spots are assigned by seniority in the following order:

  • Number of years the unit has operated in the zone based on past itineraries. 

  • Additional Points. If your unit meets all of the following: 12 feet or less in length, 11 feet or less in height, and 7 feet or less in width, including wheels and all extensions, counter space, foldouts, awnings, or other contrivances attached to the main body of the food peddler vehicle; then one year of seniority will be added.

If more than one food peddler has the same number of years of seniority, this tie will be broken using the following criteria considered in order:

  • Whichever food peddler has been licensed by the City the longest.

  • Whichever food peddler’s average food establishment grade is higher, as determined by the health department.

  • Whichever applicant has received the fewest warning letters, and/or suspensions by the city for offenses relating to the operation of food peddler vehicles.

  • A game of chance administered by the license division.

Type 2 Map

Prohibited Streets Map

There are specific streets where the selling of articles from a parked vehicle is prohibited.


Prohibited Streets Map

Density-limited zone application

Applications are no longer available for 2023.

Parking Spaces

Once you are granted a parking space, the License Division will notify you of the assignment. The acceptance of the parking space must be sent to the License Division in writing within 10 calendar days of receiving the notification, or it will be forfeited and reassigned to a different business.


If you forfeit your parking space, or apply late, your information will be placed at the bottom of a waiting list, and be offered the parking space once becomes available.

  • Only one parking space can be assigned per unit and zone.   

  • Parking space assignments are not transferable.

  • This policy will be reviewed annually.

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