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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Potter St

Potter Neck

Kenwood and Bartlett

Kenwood and Bartlett Circle

2200 N 28th St

N 28th St Speed Hump

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program offers help to residents who are dealing with traffic safety problems on residential side streets. This program is only for the local side street network, and excludes major arterials and collector streets. 

If you are interested in participating in this program or have questions or complaints about speeding, cut-through traffic, pedestrian safety, speed humps, or other traffic calming, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Read the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program overview letter.
  2. If you have questions, contact:
    City of Milwaukee Traffic Engineering
    841 N. Broadway, Room 920
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    [email protected]
  3. Fill out the Neighborhood Traffic Management Request form.
  4. Use the Neighborhood Signature Sheet to collect signatures from residents of your block. This confirms that other residents agree there is a traffic safety problem and are willing to consider traffic calming.
  5. Return these documents to the above address.
  6. The Department of Public Works will perform a 48-hour speed study and traffic count at the requested location. Once the data is processed, the Department of Public Works will contact you with the results and discuss the most appropriate way to address the traffic problems on your street.
  7. If your neighborhood wants to move forward with the request for traffic calming (speed humps, traffic circles, etc.), DPW will prepare an assessed cost for each property owner. As part of the usual public hearing process, each property owner gets to vote on the proposed traffic calming project.
  8. If the project is supported by the majority of the residents and is approved by the Common Council, it will be advertised for bid. Once a low bid contractor has been selected, the construction will be scheduled.

Thank you for your interest in making Milwaukee’s neighborhoods safer and more pleasant for everyone.



To request NTMP assistance from the City of Milwaukee for traffic safety concerns on local residential streets, please complete this online application form. A neighborhood petition form will be emailed to you following your submission. If you would the application and petition form mailed directly to you, please ... 

First Name 

Last Name 

Mailing Address 





Is there a school(s) on the street? 

Name of School:

Is there a park/community facility on the street?

List park/community facility:

Reason(s) for request cut-through traffic, speeding, difficult to cross street, frequent crashes):


Any additional information you want to share?

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