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City Laborer

Under supervision, City Laborers perform light to heavy manual work. City Laborers are employed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) in the following areas: Streets, Sewers, Electrical Services, Sanitation, Water, and Forestry; assignment to an area is based on the needs of the City.

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Accounting Specialist

Under the direction of the Grants Fiscal Manager, the Accounting Specialist monitors the financial activities of grants by conducting on-site fiscal reviews of recipient organizations.

City Laborer

Under supervision, City Laborers perform light to heavy manual work. City Laborers are employed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) in the following areas: Streets, Sewers, Electrical Services, Sanitation, Water, and Forestry; assignment to an area is based on the needs of the City.

Customer Service Representative III

As front line service providers for Milwaukee Water Works (MWW), Customer Service Representative IIIs (CSR IIIs) ensure customer satisfaction by responding to inquiries, requests for services, questions about payments, and concerns about existing and new accounts. In addition, CSR IIIs work with customers to schedule water meter replacements. CSR IIIs perform their duties via telephone and in person and handle cashiering duties as assigned.

Engineering Drafting Technician IV & Engineering Drafting Technician II

The Engineering Drafting Technician II is responsible for performing map changes, updates and maintenance of the MWW mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as administrative duties related to water main plan preparation, information requests, permit processing and the contracting process. The Engineering Drafting Technician IV is responsible for preparing and updating plans and system maps for the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) distribution systems, water treatment plants, pumping stations, booster stations, pressure reducing facilities and water storage systems.

Engineering Technician IV & Engineering Technician II

Conduct water main replacement, water distribution system repair and lead service line replacement inspections to ensure compliance with and enforcement of Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) specifications.

Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the repair, remodeling, and maintenance of 14 occupied Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) buildings, encompassing nearly 900,000 square feet, as well as the department’s Printing and Supplies Section. Direct reports include facilities, fleet, and printing and stores managers as well as several support staff. Indirect reports include approximately 70 civilians and 5 limited duty police officers engaged in building maintenance, custodial work, fleet operations, and inventory control.

Forensic Identification Processor

Assigned to the Forensic Division within the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), the Forensic Identification Processor serves in a civilian role performing specialized administrative functions related to prisoner identification and processing, including fingerprint identification, data entry, and photography.

Forensic Processor Supervisor

Assigned to the Forensic Division within the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), the Forensic Processor Supervisor serves in a civilian capacity supervising and training Forensic Identification Processors and working with the Identification Systems Specialist to ensure the efficient operation of and training for the various identification systems used by the department.

Graduate Intern

The Graduate Intern supports the Planning Division of the Department of City Development (DCD) by carrying out a variety of research, analysis, and community engagement tasks related to land use, urban design, zoning, and neighborhood planning and engagement.

Greenhouse and Nursery Manager

The Greenhouse and Nursery Manager manages the City of Milwaukee nursery operations, overseeing personnel engaged in the propagation, production, cultivation, pest control, pruning, and harvesting of 20,000+ trees and 300,000+ annuals, perennials, and shrubs. The resident Greenhouse and Nursery Manager superintends the 160-acre site, providing 24/7/365 security for the property and facilities, and monitors and coordinates emergency repairs to HVAC, irrigation, and mechanical systems.

Health Strategy Director

The Health Strategy Director provides leadership and expertise to advance community engagement, systems improvement, and policy strategies leading to the successful realization of the overall mission and goals of the Milwaukee Health Department (MHD). The Director works with department partners and clients to seek out new projects, engage the community in the department’s work, and provide expert advice. The Director serves as the department’s public health advisor for various community-level initiatives and represents the agency at community events and meetings.

Housing Programs Manager

Under the direction of the Redevelopment and Special Projects Manager, the Housing Programs Manager is responsible for overseeing, directing and coordinating the staff and programs for the Department of City Development's housing and neighborhood redevelopment activities.

Injury and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator

Under the direction of the Family Injury and Violence Prevention Manager, the Injury and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and supports the City’s violence prevention efforts.

Mammography Technologist

The Mammography Technologist assigned to the Milwaukee Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program (MBCCAP) provides screening mammograms to eligible women per the American College of Radiology (ACR) and Mammography Quality Standard Act (MQSA) standards and ensures that all required client follow-up criteria is met per program guidelines.

Municipal Services Electrician

The Municipal Services Electrician inspects, installs, services, repairs and maintains electrical equipment for the City’s street lighting, traffic control, water and sewer instrumentation, communication network systems, buildings, and facilities.

Personnel Officer

The Personnel Officer performs a wide range of human resources and employee relations functions, including performing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration, hiring, discipline, recruitment, training and development, and succession planning as well as serving as the department’s liaison to the Department of Employee Relations (DER) on matters relating to employment. This position also provides support to the Chief of Staff as it relates to office security, administrative functions and office support staff.

Programmer Analyst

Under the direction of the IT Manager, the Programmer Analyst is responsible for programming changes for the Case Automated Tracking System (CATS) - the Municipal Court’s proprietary case management information system - and programming for the public facing website, which interacts with CATS.

Property Appraiser 3

Under the direction of the Assessment Division Manager, the Property Appraiser 3 inspects residential properties for sale, permit and valuation review and assists in the valuation of Personal Property.

Public Health Nurse I

Public Health Nurses at the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) engage in a variety of population-based and individual nursing activities in homes, schools, clinics and community settings designed to assure that health care is accessible and available to residents. Nursing assignments may be in one of the following programs: Empowering Families of Milwaukee (EFM), Parents Nurturing and Caring for their Children (PNCC), Communicable Disease, Tuberculosis Prevention and Care, Home Environmental Health, Milwaukee Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Public Health Nurse Supervisor

The Public Health Nurse (PHN) Supervisor assigned to the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program (SRHP), Clinical Division of the Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) oversees a team of PHNs, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, laboratory and support staff involved in community education activities relative to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), family planning, reproductive health, breast and cervical cancer.

Public Health Social Worker

Under the direction of the Empowering Families of Milwaukee (EFM) Program Manager, the Public Health Social Worker (PHSW) functions as part of a multi-disciplinary case management team with the focus on the psychosocial needs of families. The PHSW serves as an advocate for MHD clients/families and provides case management, consultation, assessment and referral services to Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) clients in multiple settings including homes, schools, clinics and childcare centers.

Sanitation Project Analyst

Under the direction of the Sanitation Services Manager, the Sanitation Project Analyst facilitates and supports the planning, implementation, monitoring and overall management of sanitation projects, including operations, communications and outreach, procurement, and pilot programs.

Senior Auditor

The Senior Auditor conducts complex internal audits of City departments, boards, commissions, programs, and operations, as well as special management reviews. These complex audits evaluate internal control, economy, efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with applicable laws, regulations, management policies, and standard accounting practices. Audits are a significant component ensuring the City’s internal financial and management control.

Senior Property Appraiser I

Under the direction of the Assessment Division Manager, the Senior Property Appraiser I inspects all classes of properties for sale, permit and valuation review.

Technical Writer

The Technical Writer conducts research and drafts, reviews, and revises information technology (IT) policies, defining the processes for the efficient management of and accountability for IT systems and resources.

Vehicle Services Technician

Vehicle Services Technicians inspect, maintain, and repair operating systems for a variety of automobiles, light trucks, vans, heavy trucks and equipment, and other miscellaneous City-owned equipment.

Water Distribution Repair Worker I

The Water Distribution Repair Worker I serves as part of a crew that repairs and maintains the water distribution system to ensure that customers have quality, sufficient water with minimal interruption.

Water Meter Technician

The Water Meter Technician installs, tests, exchanges, removes and performs on-site repair of water meters and the attached electronic transmitting devices in private residences and businesses throughout the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) service area.

Water Plant Machine Repairperson and Water Plant Machinery Mechanic and Water Plant Facility Mech

These first shift positions are within the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) treatment plants and pumping stations. MWW offers work assignments and training opportunities to encourage promotion through this job series. The Water Plant Machine Repairperson provides journey-level machine repair expertise and serves as the lead worker for the preventive maintenance, repair, removal and installation of all mechanical equipment in the MWW facilities. This is the final phase in the promotional series for the water plants machine repair personnel. The Water Plant Machinery Mechanic independently performs system-wide installation, preventive maintenance and repair duties on medium-duty water system equipment. The Water Plant Machinery Mechanic assists skilled trades personnel in performing complex and/or heavy-duty assignments. This is the second phase in the promotional series for water plants machine repair personnel. The Water Plant Facility Mechanic Performs minor maintenance repairs to all MWW system equipment and assists skilled trades personnel as needed. This entry-level position is the first in the three-step promotional series for Water Plants machine repair personnel.

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