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Project Clean and Green

Project Clean and Green has concluded for 2019. 
Please check back in late March for information about the 2020 schedule.

PROJECT CLEAN & GREEN is a City-wide program that includes targeted street and alley sweeping and provides additional FREE bulky pickups for residents with City of Milwaukee solid waste collection service. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find your Project Clean and Green collection day and then place acceptable items at at the garbage collection point (curb or alley) along with your regularly collected garbage. This is your opportunity to get rid of excess household debris at no cost.

Any time other than your Project Clean & Green collection day, there will be a $50-$150 charge for all bulky pickup requests larger than 1 cubic yard (about the size of an easy chair).

Project Clean & Green Let’s get green and clean Milwaukee Refresh your home with Milwaukee’s annual project Clean & Green program in time for spring.

List of Acceptable Materials: Broken Furniture, consider donating, mattresses, unusable household items, up to 5 tires, up to 2 cubic yards of tree trimmings, mixed yard waste in brown paper bags, and grass clippings in brown paper yard waste bags

This is the only time the City collects tires. This is the only time outside of the fall leaf collection that the City collects bagged yard and garden debris, leaves, and grass clippings.

Unacceptable materials for clean and green include appliances, electronics, hazardous waste, and construction waste

Crews will not collect appliances, TVs, electronics, construction debris, and paint. Take these items to a City Drop Off Center for proper disposal. Household hazardous waste is collected by MMSD from all Milwaukee County residents. There are several permanent collection sites throughout the County.

Project Clean & Green 2019 map. Click to download a PDF version of mapIf your neighborhood wishes to schedule a group cleanup, please visit Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful online or call (414) 272-5462 for clean-up bags, gloves, or to borrow a limited number of clean-up tools (rakes, shovels, brooms).

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Extra items left at your collection point on your garbage collection day during your assigned Project Clean and Green zone, will be picked up during your assigned Clean and Green week.