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Block Party Permits are issued to residents of the City of Milwaukee to barricade the street they live on for events such as block watch meetings, neighborhood fellowship, welcoming new homeowners to the block, etc.  Planning a block party is a big job and requires the support of those who reside on the street that will be closed.  A Neighborhood Approval Petition must be submitted by all applicants each time a block party is applied for. 

Block Party applicants must reside on the block and are responsible to abide by the conditions of the permit - including setup and take-down of the barricades, cleanup of the public right-of-way immediately following the event, and maintaining a clear lane for emergency vehicles.  Block Party Permits are not issued for streets which are considered "main thoroughfares".  

Applications should be submitted 30 days prior to the block party date.  This will allow enough time for your permit to gain approval from the District Alderperson, Department of Public Works, and the Milwaukee Police Department.  Applications can be submitted online, e-mailed to, Faxed to (414) 286-3953, or mailed to the Special Event Permit Office, 841 North Broadway, Room 501, Milwaukee, WI  53202.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, the Milwaukee Health Department will review and approval all block party permit applications before issuance.  Please answer the questions noted below.

Address of street to be closed:  


Anticipated maximum number of participants:  

List types of planned activities (bounce house, games, food):

Will food be served?   YesNo 

If there will be food, described how it will be served - required field:  (Note: buffet style and self-service is restricted per "Moving Milwaukee Forward Order #4)


Describe plan for handwashing/hand sanitizing: 


Describe plan for social distancing:

Describe plan for participants who do not comply with social distancing:

Purpose of Event

Explain the reason for the street closure.

Applicant Information

First Name  

Last Name 


City    State   Zip Code 

E-Mail Address  

Phone Number   

Street Closure Information

Date of Block Party  

          Check box if you would like a raindate for the next day

Time Street will be closed 

Time Street will be opened 

Name of street to be closed (example:  West Maple Street from South 7th Street to South 8th Street)

(street to be closed)

from    to 

Barricade should be delivered to this address  


Block Party Approval Petition

Upload the completed Block Party Approval Petition here.

Terms of Acceptance and Signature

I, the [applicant, requestor, etc.] for this Block Party Permit Application, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application.  This permit is subject to the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances, the City Charter and all rules and regulations governing street rights-of-way.  The applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City from and against all liabilities, claims, demands, judgments, losses and all suits at law or in equity, cost and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, for injury or death of any person or loss or damage to the property of any person firm, organization or corporation, including both parties hereto and their employees, arising from the holding of such special event.  The applicant agrees that during the use of the public area, the sponsoring organization will not exclude any person from participation in, deny anyone the benefits of, or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of race, color, national origin or handicap.

Electronic Signature: *

 I understand that checking this box constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the above Terms of Acceptance.
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