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Posted Street Parking Regulations

To obtain the posted parking regulations for a specific street, enter the address in the boxes below and click the 'Submit' button.

This site only includes parking regulations that are posted. Most residential streets have alternate side night parking throughout the year with a valid night parking permit or night parking permission. These streets are not posted. 

Search Winter Parking Regulations- Not Posted

Picture of Car Representing Parking Regulations Picture of Moon Representing Night Parking Picture of Snowflake Representing Winter Parking


The 4" rule has been eliminated, but our database is still updating.  In place of the 4" rule, vehicles must utilize alternate side parking from 11 p.m. through 6 a.m. when a DPW Operation or Snow Emergency has been declared, unless otherwise posted.  Sign up for Winter Alerts for text and/or email notifications.


SnowMobile Winter Text Alert
Sign up for winter parking alerts

1. Sign in or create an enotify account.
2. Select text messaging in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website.
3. Add your phone number and carrier, hit the disk to save.
4. A confirmation code will be texted to you, enter this code in the confirmation code box and press the checkmark to confirm.
5. Reselect text messaging in the gray bar to see the alerts available.
6. Check winter alerts.
7. For email notifications: Select email subscriptions in the gray bar. Select Information Updates and check winter alerts.